Introducing our newest member, TheDinoWhisperer, with another Top 5 Wednesday!

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Here’s her favs of 2015!




The Grimm Legacy by Polly Shulman

First off, I love the cover. It definitely shows that there will be a lot of magic in this book! This book is about Elizabeth, a girl who gets the chance to work at The New York Circulating Material Repository. This library loans out strange objects that may or may not have magical properties. This author does an amazing job of bringing the Grimm objects to life. She even created call numbers for the items mentioned, which are placed at the beginning of every chapter head. Shulman created a unique storyline by building off well-known stories.




The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater

This story is about the island of Thisbe. But this is not your usual island! There are blood-thirsty water horses called caipall uisce that are captured and raced each year. I personally love the idea of man-eating horses, and I devoured this book (pun intended). She gave us a strong female lead who wanted to race even though it was a “man’s race” and no woman had ever rode the race before. There is a small love interest in the end, but I love how the main character does not unrealistically fall head over heels for him and change who she is (like a LOT of YA books).




The Naturals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

This book is about Cassie, a girl who can “profile” serial killers. She gets recruited by the FBI and sets off to stop murders, hoping to find out more about her mom’s murder. I love the fact that this book has brief sections from the serial killer’s point of view at the end of every chapter. This being said, there is some graphic murder/violence scenes, especially as the series progresses. Every part of her book is a puzzle.The author has you anticipating something, then she does the opposite. This is an amazing series, and I have to wait another year for the next one!





The Cabinet of Wonders by Marie Rutkoski

I first opened this book because I was intrigued by the cover. Every time something I read was related to what I saw on the cover, I had to stop reading and study the cover some more. This book is about Petra trying to get her father’s eyes back after they were stolen from him by the prince. This prince has also taken control of a magical device that Petra’s father made and  has intentions to basically starve everyone. Petra goes to work for the Prince in an attempt to steal back the eyes. I love how the author incorporates magic into a setting much like the Renaissance. She is very descriptive and it made me feel like I  was in the story. The ending promised a sequel and left me wondering about the next book (there are three books total).


Sky Raiders by Brandon Mull

Cole is kidnapped with a bunch of other kids he knows and is taken to the Outskirts. This is a world where shapers (people with magical abilities) are common. Cole gets sold as a slave and is forced to do the dangerous job of stealing valuables from the sky castles, which are created by shapers. The author is VERY creative. He weaves different magical abilities from different kingdoms together into an an amazing universe. I really liked Cole because he has a lot of character growth throughout the series. He goes from being very sheltered and ignorant to someone who can solve problems and fight his own battles.


Thanks to TheDinoWhisperer for sharing her favs of 2015 with us!  What are some of yours?  Did you agree/disagree with any of her choices?  Let us know in the comments down below!!


4 thoughts on “Introducing….TheDinoWhisperer!!!

    1. I love the one for Cabinet of Wonders. But that might just be because it vaguely reminds me of HP 7 and their rendition of the Tale of the Three Brothers 🙂


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