Top 5 Fandoms

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Wow.  Narrowing this down to five was difficult.  I still haven’t quite decided if I’m going to cheat or not.  Here’s the thing.  What is fandom?  How does one define that?  And then…  I have to put them in order?  That’s…. rude.  It’s like picking your favorite child.  I mean… of course you have a favorite child.  But you don’t want the others to know.  And then it could change.  So yeah.  This is difficult to pick just five.  And I’m sure I left someone out.  I’ll look at the others’ lists and remember when I was a part of that fandom.


But lets get back to defining fandom.  For this list I define fandom by whether or not I can confidently argue with someone about points in that canon (or universe), am I still active, (I fought to have Twilight on this list, I just want you to know.  Because, however we may love to hate it, we all still just loved it once upon a time. But I’m no longer even remotely in this fandom anymore) and whether or not I have bought merchandise relating directly or indirectly to the fandom.  There’s a lot of honorable mentions on my list.  I’ll get to those later. I’m soooo pushing the 5 limit. 

5. Assassin’s Creed II


So, my brother got me on to this game.  It’s still really the only game that I can sort of play.  I’m really bad about running and jumping AND shooting specific things all at the same time.  But there’s something about this game that draws me in a makes me happy.  And it’s not just the fact that I can jump off of tall buildings and into a small pile of hay and still walk away.  Or the fact that I can jump off a fence and assassinate you with the hidden blade in my arm.  Or the fact that the goal is to assassinate the Pope and several Cardinals.  But it definitely plays a part.
You follow Desmond, he’s been kidnapped by a company called Abstergo that is using him to take down an ancient group of Assassins.  Actually, all you really need to know is that Abstergo is run by the Templars (yes those Templars) and are by and large, a corrupt organization and the Assassin organization tries to take them out.  But Abstergo has all the good tech and the corporate funding and the Assassin’s have Abstergo’s castoffs and a whole lot of sarcasm.  But that’s present day.  And the game takes place in the past – Renaissance era Italy to be exact.  The history is all there, mostly in tact.  The buildings are there as they actually look in Italy right now.  Tons of research was done on this game to make it historically accurate and the game even gives you nuggets of history about different places and different people that you meet in the game.  I’d be lying if I didn’t say it actually helped me pass some of my art history exams.
Things owned: Video Game, 2 AC vinyl stickers for my car, 2 action figures, 1 POP! action figure, 1 literal trailer soundtrack, comic book, necklace, map, walkthrough book/art from the game, Slurpee (Icee) cup, and a growing need to see the new Michael Fassbender AC movie, like right now

4. Mobile Suit Gundam Wing


What is there to say about this show?  Gundam Wing started in 1995 in Japan and played in the States on Cartoon Network’s Toonami block back in 1997, I believe.  There were shows before this that I loved (Ronin Warriors…. I still love you!) but Gundam Wing started the fanfiction for me. 
The Gundam universe spans several different shows (think Final Fantasy for you gamers…. or come to think of it… Star Trek) but they all had some basic commonalities.  In this particular iteration, 5 teens were given GIANT ROBOTS called gundams to help end a war between the Alliance on Earth and the colonies in Space.  It’s easiest if you can make the analogy between England and the not quite yet United States.  And then someone decides it would be a brilliant idea to drop one of the colonies on Earth to end the war.  Then the gundams start fighting that eventuality.  I could explain it all to you, but it gets kind of political and people start switching sides and folks get captured.  There’s a love story too. There’s a better love story if you squint really hard. 
For me, fanfiction is how this show took hold of my soul and never let go.  There are great stories out there written by fans as either a continuation, a during the war, or even an alternate reality where the characters stay the same but the world is different.  These stories have made me laugh out loud and have broken my heart and pieced it back together.  I will go back and read particular fanfics a million times because sometimes you need something that will tear at your heartstrings and then try to patch them up.  I could talk forever about this, but it’s probably time to move on.
Things owned: series on VHS and DVD, t-shirt, several action figures/figurines, 3 key chains, several comics, 2 Japanese language only comics, signed merchandise from Voice Actors, fanart, 1 now almost totally defunct email address, 10 specially ordered Christmas cards, and 1 fanfic that we will never talk about

3. Doctor Who


If you look at my Pinterest board, you’d know that Doctor Who is most often found with his buddies Supernatural and Sherlock.  I’m not sure how these three got together, but it is always these three and my board is full of them all.  So it’s super hard to unlock them from each other.  They’re all ridiculous and have ridiculously good looking people in them.  For now, I’ll focus on Doctor Who so as not to get my butt in trouble. There is no way to explain Doctor Who.  There’s an alien Time Lord who fled his civilization with a time machine now he can go anywhere in time and space, but he spends most his time in modern day London.  He also has different faces, he regenerates from time to time allowing others to play him but not exactly the same way.  Fans refer to the different ones by their regeneration number but even that’s ski-wompus now.  (Thanks, Moffat…) And he generally has some kind of human companion that he runs around with.  There’s all sorts of randomness in this show and if you haven’t seen it, for the love of everything, start with doctor 9 otherwise known as the actor Christopher Eccleston.  You’ll be glad you did. 

People get into knock down drag out fights about Doctor Who.  Who played him best, who their first Doctor was, whether or not you can abbreviate his name to Dr., and then look at newbies with a slightly crazed eye when someone refers to him as Doctor Who.  FYI, Doctor Who isn’t his name.  It’s just the Doctor. And it’s more of just a title.  So it’s a running gag throughout the entirety of the show, people asking Doctor Who.  This show spans more than 50 years.  I know my grandparents watched it and thought it was hokey.  But they watched.  And thus, I come by my nerdiness honestly.  11th doctor forever and always.


Things I own: 2 Christmas ornaments, 1 book, 1 mug, 1 cookie jar/bank, 1 pen/sonic screwdriver, 2 DVD seasons, 2 11×14 framed pictures, 1 pair of shoes, and 3 text tones

2. Star Wars

Han shot first.  There.  I got that out of the way.


Star Wars – arguably the first thing I geeked out about as a kid.  I know more about the Star Wars universe than I ever though possible. I devoured new books. I have a crap ton of stuff I cut out of newspapers, ads, comics, articles and stuffed them all in a scrapbook and shoved them in a box.  I collected everything I could about the re-release of the original 3 movies.  I came from the age of the original trilogy, so for me?  the first three episodes never existed.  (kind of like playing odds/evens with the Star Trek movies…) But here’s where the fandom starts for me.  The books.  The Expanded Universe (EU) as it was called.  So much was done with these characters and so many stories were told after the trilogy finished.  They all have fleshed out.  Grown. Married.  My brother and I spent hours discussing how things played out.  Who was right and who was wrong.  He’s professed Sith.  I side with the Light.  So we argue. His official stance is that there is no light side or dark side.  There is only the power of the force.  But he would use it like the Emperor uses it, so… Sith.


Things I own: so many books I can’t even count, 2 Christmas ornaments, 1 figurine still in box, more books, 1 cup 1 dvd, and 3 VHS
1. Batman


Oh, the Bat family.  I remember watching the campy old Batman TV show of the 60s when I came home from school.  It was like the coolest thing ever.  Batman was the best.  Then there was the Batman animated series on TV.  That’s some iconic Batman right there.  I loved the music, I loved the show, I started to love Dick Grayson.  Doubletime when Batman Forever finally rolled into town.  Chris O’Donell?  Be still my teenage heart.  So, the Bat family has been around in my heart a long, long time.  Batman actually has some novels to his name, and that’s how I learned of Timmy Drake and Jason Todd.  Then Batman Beyond.  Old Batman and a new protege, About a year or so ago, I learned Bruce had a son, Damien.  And that’s led to me having so many trade paperbacks of the New 52 comic-verse.  Because Damien is the cutest pint sized assassin ever.  So I’ll always love Bats.  Here’s the thing with Batman and the Justice League.  Batman has no superpowers.  He’s smart, he has money.  He can fight.  And he would win in a fight against Superman.  That is all.  Because while Sups is more powerful, Bats is smarter.  And I’ll fight anyone who says differently.


Things I own:  so very many comic books, fanart
Noticeably, there are things missing from my list that you probably thought should be there.  Firefly… I shall always be a browncoat. Harry Potter – this is mostly because I feel that there are others that could argue better , bigger Potterheads.  Twilight – Bronto Incognito and I won a competition for Twilight knowledge at a midnight release for Breaking Dawn, wasn’t it? We won sparkly conversation hearts and they were gross.  Welcome to Night Vale my newest fandom.  There isn’t a noninsane way to explain it.  I’ve seen the live show and I’m wearing the t-shirt.  The aforementioned Supernatural. Dean Winchester forever. Sherlock.  10 episodes.  That’s all they’ve given us.  Please give us moooooore.  Ouran High School Host Club. Soul Eater. Full Metal Alchemist. I cosplayed as a character from that show… It should have been in my list somewhere too.  But I was only allowed five…. Bleach. Power Rangers.  I know… but it’s true. 
And I think that means I broke the rules.  But that’s my top five. Ish. Problems with my top 5?  Think Greedo shot first?  That Gundam Wing wasn’t the absolute best in the Gundam universe?  Think Sups could take out the Batman?  Present your argument.  I’m ready for the challenge. 



5 thoughts on “Top 5 Fandoms

  1. Okay, so since I’ll be posting my own fandoms soon I’m only going to say 2 things…
    Yes, Han totally shot first.
    and #10, all the way. I love Matt Smith to pieces, but 10. Just 10.
    Because I didn’t want him to go either :_(


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