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Bronto Incognito

I’m a fangirl.  There.  I said it.  If you don’t know me in person, this probably still isn’t a surprise to you, but even less so if you’ve ever watched me jump and squeal in a movie theater seat over an awesome preview.

I just love me my nerdy stuff!!

So I’ve found myself having to cheat, just like SuddenButInevitable because if I don’t put some honorable mentions down at the bottom of this thing, I’m going to feel bad for my babies that I love so much!

So let’s get started with the ones that actually made my list..



twilight Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha….

I’m sorry, but this picture cracks me up every time.  I can’t stop giggling right now writing this….

Anyway.  So yes, I am STILL in the Twilight fandom.  I don’t care what you say.

Look, I already know all the negative things you may want to throw at me about this series–I’ve probably said them all before myself.  But I’ve honestly reread these more than anything else ever. (Sorry HP, but I get stuck in #5 EVERY TIME!)  A friend got me into these because she’d read them and needed someone to gush about it with.  She was stuck in a fandom of 1.  Just like this…

So I read it, not expecting much, even though I’d totally almost bought this just based on the cover. I remember I was SO excited to leave work the day I started reading book 1.  My cubemate looked over like, “Why are you still here? It’s 5:15….” But she didn’t understand that Bella had just said “Hi” to some random guys in the alleyway and was probably about to get jumped!

I remember leaping out of bed one night at 11:30 (wait for it, you guys are going to laugh at this), tripping over the blankets as I ran to tell my roommate (who was not into the books but had listened to me drone on about the first one), “Edward left! He just freaking LEFT!!!”

L: Where’d he go?

Me: I don’t know! But he’s her soulmate so he’s coming back!

*glance at the clock*

(p.s. this is where it’s funny)

Me: I don’t have to work tomorrow. I don’t want to be up all night. I’m just going to read until I can tell he’s about to come back.

Ha. Haha. Ha. Ha.

Cut to 3:30 in the morning when a freaking Cullen car shows up at the end of the chapter and okay, I know it’s not Edward but I have to know who it is so then it’s Alice but you have to finish the chapter and that’s cool except oh, wait Edward’s about to kill himself and oh well I guess we got to finish this thing now. It’s all or nothing!!!!

So yeah. Got to go to bed at about 4:45 that morning.

Totally worth it.

Say what you want about any of it, but that scene in Voltera? I race through it every time, even though I knew the first time through that Edward wasn’t going to die. That’s some good stuff right in there.

So besides going on and on about my love/hate relationship with this series, I thought I’d give examples of the levels of my nerdiness for each of these things.

Brace yourself, you’re about to love me or be ashamed to know me…

Twilight: Attended the midnight showing for all 5 movies. Waited 8+ hrs for the first. Made trivia questions and played with other theater goes in each. Waited 3 hrs to have a book signed by Stephenie Meyer. Became obsessed with 3 high school girls who formed the fan band, The Bella Cullen Project (because they were AWESOME!). Still own the Twilight blanket I won from them. Got an Edward Barbie doll floating around somewhere, too… (And posters, and bookmarks, and more. Even have the bookmarks with the original release date of the first movie (12-12) before they moved it up because HP delayed releasing movie 6 (jerkwads)). I once went to a “Superhero Reject Party” as Twigirl!  (My super powers were talking about the books nonstop and dusting you with glitter.  The boys were not amused…)

There’s probably more (like the Twilight bag I made) but we’ll move on for now…


10th doctor First off, 10.  Because he was in both HP and DW, and David Tennant is amazing! 🙂 And I didn’t want him to go either! 😦

Also, when making this list I honestly thought I’d end up putting this one higher, but instead I opted for other things only because I’ve been a part of the fandoms longer.  I actually avoided joining the fandom on this one for a while because I knew it was a suck-you-in-never-let-go kind of a deal, and I wasn’t sure I was ready for that. Also, and I hate to say this, some of us Whovians are kind of spiteful.  If you don’t agree with our favorite doctor or least favorite companion, we can get mean.

Don’t be mean, Whoverse.  There is way too much silliness in this wibbly wobbly place for the mean.

And most people are really welcoming.  I love being able to stop random strangers and tell them how much I hate them because they’re wearing a TARDIS themed jacket with van Gogh lining and I don’t have that kind of disposable income.  And they understand because we all love this thing and want to own all the things and can I tell you how much I love inside jokes and amazing, creative storylines you don’t get anywhere else?


So since I’m newer to this fandom, my nerdy things aren’t vast.  I do geek out over lots of things about it, but I did once make this for SuddenButInevitable…




Is it possible to be in a fandom for an author?  Even if there’s no set fandom for them?

Because that’s where I’m at here.  I LOVE Neal Shusterman!  Pretty much anything he does I’m going to read it.  These aren’t even half the books I own by him and yes, they are ALL signed. (Except the new one I bought 2 weeks ago.  Have to get that one next…)

First book I ever read of his was EverlostGhost children stuck in an in between world.  Ground that sucks you to the center of the earth.  Beloved items that cross from the human world into theirs.  Skinjackers.

The Mary/Nick pairing is fascinating because they’re two people you’re pretty sure (without spoiling the series) will never work out their differences.  But they love each other anyway.

Even more than that, Allie and Mikey are possibly my favorite couple pairing of all time.  But I’ll save that for our couples discussion next month…

Everything this man writes is golden.  I haven’t read of book of his I didn’t like.  I cry at everything, but not generally books.  The Schwa was Here made me weep.  That scene with the billboard?  Kills me!  Unwind? Creepy, fascinating look at more than 2 angles on abortion.  For teens.  Who even does that?  This guy.  That’s who.

Shusterman: So like I said, I have tons of signed books.  I’ve met him in person…5x? 6?  I own…hang on.  Let me go count…. At least 22 of his books.  Got a signed poster.  Took an anniversary trip down to Austin for the Texas Book Festival, just because he would be there. (My husband’s awesome like that.)


buffy-the-class-protector OMG, I cannot tell you how much I love this show.  Like for serious.  I’ve watched every season over a dozen times.  In fact, I’m thinking that it’s about time for another run through.

There’s not a season of this show I don’t love.  Every year the villains are so different and unique.  The lines are comedy gold.


Arent’ you just going, “Ooooh?”

Anway, Joss Whedon.  What’s not to obsess over?  And the success of this show is a great story. 1. When they made the movie  back in 1992 it turned out campy and silly (though I still love that, too!). Joss wasn’t satisfied so years later he remade it as a little half-season replacement show on the fledgling WB network.  SMG recalls running into Kieffer Sutherland at a party around then. “I think my dad was in that movie…”

Which of course, he was.  Sutherland told her not to worry, she’d find other work with this thing failed.  She was good.

He later apologized to her around the start of the show 24 🙂

Buffy: I can quote this thing as the day is long.  You feed me a quote, I can respond with a quote from a different episode to counter your quote. Even based a whole college art project off that idea.  Let’s see, own all 7 seasons of course. Script books.  Tshirts.  Necklace.  I even got my dad hooked on this show (and after that on 24).  And I got Stegosaurus Wilde to watch it because I kept talking about it so much!

  1. big surprise here…


Yes, that’s me, AT HARRY POTTERLAND (aka The Wizarding World of Harry Potter) on my HONEYMOON!

Husband: Well we could either spend the money I have saved on a bigger reception, or we could go somewhere bigger for our honeymoon.

Me. Like anywhere?….

Hubby (eyebrows raised): You have somewhere in mind?

Me (tiny, high-pitched voice): Harrypotterland?

H: Okay let’s do that then.

Me: I KNEW I picked you for a reason!!!!

And no, this picture could NOT be any smaller.  You have to see the castle and that gigantic grin!!! 🙂 –Let’s keep in mind that I had a cold that weekend and couldn’t even sleep without constantly sucking on cough drops.  Clearly it ruined my mood…

If I could tell you the continuous conversations me and my best friend have over this series…well, probably you’d learn to tune us out like the husband does (he loves it, too, he’s just not as obsessive over things).  I saw the first movie before reading the first book, so Team Snape all the way because in my head he will always be a mashup of Allan Rickman’s portrayal and that mean guy JK wrote.

Also, Hermione and Ron forever!!!! Stop messing with the world you already created JK!  It’s ours now!!!!

Seriously, do NOT get me started on one of these rants…

Anyway, I’m completely obsessed with this world, it’s characters, and the amazing phenomenon that had kids waiting in line at midnight for a BOOK.  Refusing to go home until they’ve crowded under a streetlight to read chapter one in a group.  The little girl at the premier of movie 7.2 that wanted to take pictures together because we were both dressed like Luna.

Honestly, I’m tearing up about it now.  I’m not even kidding.  To have THIS kind of effect on the world all at once time?  And there are still kids and adults out there, just discovering it for the first time?  It’s magic.  Pure and simple.  It’s beauty and love and betrayal.  It’s flawed and wonderful and the thing that fuels my patronus.

And if you can’t accept that, I don’t think we can be friends anymore.

Okay, so… sigh.  Here goes…

HP: Spent honeymoon at HP land.  I currently own…let me go count… 3 shirts and 2 pants and 2 scarves that are all HP.  Went to midnight showing of 7.1 dressed as Narcissa. 7.2 as Luna. My husband made me my Luna wand for that one.  It’s amazing and I treasure it.  Cannot COUNT the number of things I own from this franchise.  I made Lumos and Nox signs to go over and below my light switch.  During HP 6, waiting for the movie to start, we got the ENTIRE THEATER to join in in playing the most epic game of (self-created) HP trivia ever.

It was awesome.

Again, I could go on with this one, but we’ll just stop here.  Though if you’ve never picked up Kids’ Letters to Harry Potter, you should do it now because it’s everything I love about this series.

Now Honorable Mentions because I just can’t stop myself….

Hunger Games. Because the books plus the movies make for one amazingly handled franchise.  Well done.

The West Wing.  It’s the way you wish government was.  Even with it’s flaws.  The writing and acting and music are obsession-making.  Just love it.

Lizzie Bennett Diaries. If you love Jane Austen you MUST check out this series.  It’s hilarious and poinant and for once actually makes you give a crap about what happens to Lydia. That never happens.  Also? Costume theater.  Seriously.  Go check it out.

Hope you enjoyed listening to me ramble on about my favorites.  What are your thoughts?  What stories and series do you love? Please tell us below!











4 thoughts on “Bronto’s Top Fandoms

  1. I am shocked and outraged!

    No. Actually not at all shocked by this list. Wasn’t it hard to narrow it down?

    Ahhhh, those wonderful midnight screenings back when we were young. Now we look at our watches and go, is there a 10pm screening somewhere? I have work tomorrow, I’m so sleepy and SO OLD. It’s the best to hang out in a movie theater with everyone as excited as you are. It doesn’t matter what fandom it is.

    That little owl is still sitting on my desk. It’s adorable.


    1. Awww, I’m glad you liked it! I love that little owl!

      And they don’t seem to do midnight showings anymore anyway. Most theaters just have the earlier ones on Thursday night, which really makes movies release on Thurs and not Fri anymore….


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