Love is in the Air



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by SuddenButInevitable


This was so tough! Like…. I don’t read YA for the incredible couples. I read YA because I truly believe that only 15 year-olds can save the world. When I want romance in a story, I lean towards Grace/Julian or Bride/Vane. But those are from series way too old for y’all. And while of course I love Harry/Ginny or Percy/Annabeth, It’s not something I read either series for. I’m there for the action. I’ve had to think long and hard about my couples today.
Someone should probably warn you… SPOILERS.

Honorable mention: Jem/Tessa/Will – The Infernal Devices trilogy because tooth achingly sweet and it works out for everyone and LOVE.

5. Alec Lightwood / Magnus Bane – The Mortal Instruments trilogy

These two are less drama filled than the Clary/Jace couple, and ultimately, that’s what put them on this list. There’s none of that “I can’t love this person because they’re related to me drama”. Magnus is a centuries old Warlock (and we’ve already discussed my love of Magnus) who is who he is and doesn’t take flak about it from anyone. He’s completely secure. Alec on the other hand, has nursed a not so secret crush on his best friend. He is completely out of his depth when Magnus starts flirting and it’s adorable and awkward. This relationship brought Alec out of shadows of the book and allowed him to be his own character and have his own growth.

4. Katsa / Prince Po – Graceling trilogy

Ok, so I fully realize that it’s been years since I read this book and I should remedy that. This is a great book. But when coming up with couples, I realized this was one of my favorites. It’s a fantasy novel where certain people have heterochromia of the eye (meaning each eye is a different color) with the heterochromia comes a special talent. Your talent may be making sumptuous food, or it could be making flowers grow anywhere, or if you’re like Katsa, your talent is killing people. I’m all for being a fan of powerful girls who don’t take anyone’s crap and then they fall for a boy completely unexpectedly.

3. Rapunzel / Eugene Fitzherbert – Tangled

I love boys with snarky attitudes. It’s a problem. Like, how could you not love Flynn’s smolder? And by love, I mean love to laugh at. There’s something about this duo that just is amazing. The young naive girl, the world traveler/thief boy who is still amazed at finding something new and something he never thought he would need. I’m not going to lie, there were full out tears at the end of this movie.

2. Edward Cullen / Bella Swan – Twilight trilogy

Oh, you guys had to know this was coming… seriously. Never have I been so close to writing my name with my fictional crush’s last name than I was with this book. Say what you want about Bella. But I was near tears with those pages that just listed the months on them. My poor fangirl heart just broke. I love that Edward was adamant that Bella be allowed to enjoy her life to the fullest before becoming a vampire. Because seriously? Who wants to go through high school again and again and again for eternity? No, thank you. He was sweet and kind when he wasn’t being a stalker and watching her sleep. Or trying to throw himself into the sunlight because he’s a drama queen. new moon                                                                   Team Edward forever.

1. Marak Six Finger / Kate Winslow from The Hollow Kingdom

hollow kingdom
So, Marak is a Goblin King (more of the David Bowie type than the Harry Potter type) but he does rule the Goblins and live underground, and naturally all Goblin Kings have to steal wives. Because who willingly goes to live in caverns underneath a Hollow Lake (umm, ME but that’s beside the point). So, my favorite part of the book is the two of them trying to get along. Kate is willful and Marak is a smart aleck but very sensible (as all Goblins are. Not like those silly elves only wanting to be beautiful). My favorite part is basically how all of the past Goblin Kings have kept records of their wives in the King’s Wife Chronicles. Things like ‘The first time she used my name’ and ‘The first time she woke up with plans of her own’. But Kate only realizes her love for Marak as the Kingdom is threatened and he is taken She is left to figure out how to get him back. It is a fabulous story and I am IN A FANDOM OF ONE. I love this book so very much.
I feel like I’m missing couples…. There’s Rei/Kira from the Mars manga… but almost no one knows about that Manga. How about they’re my favorite Manga couple? That totally works. We won’t talk about my Gundam Wing couple that’s only a couple in fanfiction, because there is little to no romance in the actual show. Or Bruce Wayne/Selina Kyle. Mostly because I care almost nothing for the Bat…. and would rather have his little Robins… but I don’t know enough about Dick/Barbara or Tim/Stephanie (or is it Cassandra?)

I’m going to read everyone else’s lists and go OH YEAH! I LIKE THOSE TWO TOO! Here’s looking forward to that. Did you find any on my list that you can say that about? If not, read the books and come back to me. Because I assure you, they should be your favorites too.
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  1. I think I just want it known that I didn’t pick out the picture of Edward’s nipples staring at you. That’s all Bronto Incognito’s fault, and you should blame her.


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