They’re BACK!!!!!

by Bronto Incognito



Okay, so I know this is not a book thing, but we’re all nerdy at heart, right?  We all love multiple nerdy fandoms, right?

Well X Files has always been one of mine.

I was so geeked out when they announced they were doing a 6 episode tenth season, but I tried to keep my cool on.

There’s always that chance that it’s going to be bad.  And not just regular bad, like the Percy Jackson movies bad.  So I waited. Held in the excitement and anticipation.  And then my dad called and suggested an epic birthday (mine) of food and binging all 6 episodes in one day.

Of COURSE I said YES!!!


Have to say I didn’t really find myself getting that excited until that weekend rolled around.  I was going to get to revisit one of my nerdy favorites from my childhood.  X Files helped get me through high school and is at least partially responsible for my interest in writing for a living as an adult.

Do you remember how excited you were when you saw that trailer for the first movie??? Because I do!  I remember gushing with one of my teachers, both of us taking bets on whether or not that teaser scene from the trailer actually meant Mulder and Scully would finally KISS in the film!!!

(Spoiler alert: they didn’t.  But the movie came out over a decade ago.  So you should have watched it by now.)

This mini season was SOOOOOOOO good!  I forgot how much I needed this show in my life!!!

So now I’m going to go on and GUSH about how much I LOVED the new episodes of this show, so if you haven’t watched it yet and don’t want to be spoiled, DON’T READ ANY FURTHER!!!

Except that I will warn you, the season ends with not a small cliffhanger, so don’t expect things to wrap up nice and neat.

Chris Carter is nowhere near that nice.


x files.jpg

Okay, so here it goes…

First two episodes, great stuff.  I’d been spoiled ahead of time by someone that Mulder and Scully had broken up between that second movie and this new season, so I was prepared for that. And giving Mulder a form of depression and using that as the driving force for the breakup worked very well, story-wise.  It’s not like there’s any love lost between the two fo them, but I can imagine that Mulder could be difficult to live with when he’s got nothing to do/fixate on.

Plus we get to watch them find their way back to each other again.  And it’s not like their love story was ever super romantic anyway.  It’s almost more intense than that as it is.

And episodes 1 and 2 do what the show always did, push the conspiracy story along farther.

And THEN we get to episode 3. Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster. And OMG all I kept saying during the episode is, “Chris Carter is back.  He’s back and this is amazing!”  My dad loved it, too.  The storyline was genius and so entertaining!  Which is great because that’s the other thing that the X Files does: it entertains us.

A long time ago Chris Carter master the art of balancing how often you need to work to push the overall story arch and how often you need to take a break and do something silly.  Like Bad Blood. Or Arcadia.  It’s a method that made the show wonderful to watch and a thing that some other shows really could have learned from over the years.  (Look, I love you Fringe, but Walter alone was not enough comic relief.  And season 4 of Angel, I’m TOTALLY looking at you!)

Episode 4 was heartbreaking (and let’s just throw out a small HURRAY!!! because duh, they’re totally going to have to go find young William in season 11).  Episode 5 was all kinds of hilarious and fascinating and has anyone else noticed that bad things seem to happen to these two when they travel to Texas? Bad Blood? Vienen? The first movie???

And then we get to the last episode.  And can we talk about the craziness of bringing back freaking CSM from the dead yet again?!?  Voldemorting around all up in this place?  No-nose having, freaking creeper!  And Monica Reyes?!?!?!?  I never really warmed up to her.  I’m going to say that now.  Doggett I loved, but Reyes was always an eh….  And now I know why.  Because she was a freaking traitor liar-face who should have been killed off instead of TLG!!!

I miss those guys…

x files lgm.jpg

Finally we come to the cliffhanger and me sitting on the couch grumbling over and over.  “He’s back.  Freaking Chris Carter is back.  I HATE that guy…”

But let us not dwell on the impending danger, how long we’ll have to wait for news, or who’s getting sucked up into that space ship.  Instead, I’m just going to leave you with this:

xfiles mulder

Oh, okay, fine.  And this lovely reference here:


So what did you think of the new season?  Have you watched yet?  Are you going to?  Do you think the truth is out there?  Tell us down below!!! 🙂





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