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So like SuddenButInevitable said, this was a lot harder than you might think.  Unlike her, however, I decided NOT to cheat and use a movie or TV couple because OMG the list would be endless at that point.

Before I start I will let you know this: I am a shipper through and through.  If you’re new to the internets or just simply someone who’s heard that word thrown around and never really understood what X Files has to do with sailing, a “shipper” is someone who looks for potential relationships in…well basically any form of media they like enjoying.  You plan and plot and wish and pray that one day those two crazy kids will just work it out and get together already!!!

And when they do you have a party and gush about it to anyone you can force to listen!!!

And that’s why I have you all lovely people here, I can make you listen to me!

Well, sort of…

Anyway, here they are!!!

***Side note: it’s next to impossible to do a favorite couples list without being at least a little bit spoilery on who ends up together in the end.  But I’ll do my best.

5. Hadley and Oliver, The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight

So I don’t normally read contemporary, but this one got me started on a good 6 month kick a couple years ago.  Borrowed it from a friend and later bought it just to have my own copy.

Hadley and Oliver are adorable.  They meet on a plane headed to England.  Hadley is on her way to a wedding.  Her dad is…get this…marrying the woman he cheated on her mother with and wants her to be IN the wedding.

Are you freaking kidding me?!?!?  Oh how much I wanted to thump that guy in the head.

But Oliver helps her work through her issues, even though he’s going through a bunch of his own.  He helps her to see that it all comes down to this question: Do you want this person in your life or not?  It’s up to you to make the choice.

And the book makes no pretense of assuming that these two will stay together forever–the JUST met for crying out loud–but their story is adorable and touching and full of moments to make you think.  And ones to make you go, “Awwwwww!”

“Well, I guess we all can’t have epic loves at such a young age.”

4. Sophronia and Soap, Etiquette and Espionage

ettiquetteFist of all READ THIS BOOK.  Floating finishing school for female spies, intrigue, forbidden romance, vampires, A WEREWOLF IN A TOP HAT!!!

Seriously, why haven’t you started this series yet??

Sophronia is amazing.  Clumsy with a streak of finesse.  Smart, capable, willing to do whatever it takes to get the answers she needs.  And not above slumming it with the boys in the boiler room like Soap.

Who is black.

Which means forbidden romance on all accounts (society, social rank, education, race, etc. etc.) and Soap is adorable and strong and street-smart and proud and a gentleman and did I mention hot??  What’s not to love?

I will admit that I haven’t read the last book in the series yet (still waiting for the library to get it on audio), but whether or not the end up together, I’ve been shipping them since book 1.  LOVE!

“So, did you hold back during that test?”
“Maybe a little,” Sophronia admitted.
Soap grinned. “That’s my girl.”
Sophronia glared at him. He was getting familiar.
“You are, miss.” He continued to grin.
“I’m my own girl, thank you very much.”

Also, watch this awesome trailer…

3. America and Maxom, The Selection series


The description on book one of this series being like The Hunger Games (minus the bloodshed) meets The Bachelor (minus the blood shed is dead on.

And okay, so that makes for TONS of cheesiness in this series.  (Just watch Kiera Cass mock her own writing down below) But I love it.  Can’t help it.

America’s been dating Aspen in secret for 2 years.  He dumps her right after she gets chosen for the Selection. Basically the prince gets to pick like 20 or so girls to come to the palace, then whittle them down on TV with everyone watching, until he gets his bride and the country’s new queen.

Fun, right?

So America’s all heartbroken (and yes, many of the names in this book are that cheesy.  Kiera Cass said all the names her husband wouldn’t let her use for their kids became characters in the book.) So when she meets the prince she’s less than thrilled.

But of course they start to fall for each other and OF COURSE Aspen shows his sorry butt back up and now there’s a love triangle.  However, given the circumstances it’s the most realistic love triangle I have come across.  Plus, even America recognizes that while Maxom is dating like 20 girls, her keeping her past with Aspen a secret still makes it like she’s cheating on the prince.

It’s also the first love triangle where, while you know who you want the girl to end up with, you’re not sure he should pick her.  There are other solid choices out there, and with America keeping secrets all the time, Maxom may just pick someone else by the end and you’d completely understand why.

And now, rather than feed you 1 quote, here is Kiera Cass, reading her own words…


2. Ron and Hermione, Harry Freaking Potter

ron and hermione

I am SOOOO sick and tired of how cool it’s become to bash on my poor Won Won!!!  I even get that book and movie Ron are different, but I love them both!

So what if movie Ron likes to run away from danger?  You SHOULD run away from danger!  How do you think Shaggy and Scooby stayed alive all this time?!?

Plus, the important thing is NOT that he’s afraid, but that he faces things head on.  Does he WANT to go follow the creepy spiders into the forest of death? NO.  But he does anyway. He and Hermione bring out great things in each other.  He tempers her craziness (some) and she helps keep him strong.  He puts up with (seriously, and incredible amount of) her nagging (see books 6 & 7), and she puts up with the fact that he’s a dumb boy who’s still amazing even if he hasn’t noticed her yet.

They make each other more interesting characters and I don’t care what JK or anyone else says, they belong together!

So there!!!

“Harry didn’t say anything.  He liked being back on speaking terms with Ron too much to speak his mind right now–but he somehow thought that Hermione had gotten the point much better than Ron did.”

  1. Allie the Outcast and Mikey Mcgill, Skinjacker trilogy

EverlostThe girl so snarky she brought down Mary Hightower and the boy who used to be a monster, but changed for a girl.

It’s so stinking adorable I just can’t stand it!  If you’ve read this series then you know there’s a part at the end where you just have to not think about things too hard (like what’s Allie doing in the meantime…) but I’m willing to do it for these two!

Everlost is the land of in-between where dead kids who didn’t make it into the light go.  There are rules and quirks to Everlost, including the fact that your image can change.  Just ask Mikey, who’s developed the ability to twist himself into the one true monster of Everlost.

Check out this awesome fanart by RainbowsNDinosXD!!! Isn’t it awesome?! (Also, you should click the link and check out some of her other artwork as well!)


But Allie’s not impressed.  See that face?  Not scared.  And she gets him to change.  Without really trying to do it.  And their love story is epic and forever and not even the main point of the story which is why, like Ron and Hermione, I think it works so well.  It’s not the point of the story, but it adds more purpose to it.  At least for me.

“And,” added Mikey. “she’s my sister.”
The others looked at him for a moment, and broke out laughing.
“Yeah, yeah,” Squirrel scoffed, “and the McGill is my cousin.”
Now Allie burst out laughing, which made Mikey more annoyed.
“If the McGill was your cousin,” Mikey said, “I can guarantee he’d disown you.”

So what are your favorite couples?  Do you agree with my list?

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