Time for a Ghost Story

The Bad Girls Don’t Die Trilogy

by Katie Alender

Age: Young Adult

Contains: Mild (and sparse) cursing.  Ghosts (both good and bad.  Mostly bad.) Scary hauntings. Demon summoning. Possession.  Possession-induced murder attempts.

Series: 3 books.  Though I’ll only be reviewing 2 and 3 today!

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Review by: Bronto Incognito



badgirlsBad Girls Don’t Die

I read the first book in this series back in 2013.  I loved it.  It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten into reading ghost stories (think R.L. Stine days) but this one actually scared me.  There’s just something about creepy, possibly possessed dolls that freak you out.

I blame both R.L. Stine (Night of the Living Dummy) and Stephen king for that “Let’s play!” creepy doll episode of the X-Files he wrote.

But since I read that book almost 3 years ago, I’ll just leave you with a quote and a trailer and move on to book 2! (Be aware, if you haven’t read book 1, there might be some spoilers for it in the review for the next 2 books…)

“I’m a giant pimple on the face of humanity.


From Bad to Cursed

“As I went to stand up, I felt a tiny point of pressure on my back.
‘Don’t move,’ Kasey whispered.
I stayed bent over.
‘Drop the knife,’ she said.
‘Excuse me, I’m using it,’ I said.
She swallowed hard. ‘For what?’
‘Mom and Dad. You.'”

Similar to: Zombie Blondes by Brian James

In this book we find Alexis awaiting the return of her sister, Kasey from the special rehab place Agent Hasan sent her to.  Except she’s less than thrilled to see her near-murderess sister living in the same house with her.

What is is about Kasey that makes you feel SO bad for her and want to give her a hug?  Is it how mean Alexis is to her?  Because…yeah.  She needs to step up her big-sister game.

When your sister starts high school in the middle of the eyar and everyone thinks she’s crazy, YOU INVITE HER TO SIT WITH YOU.  You do not let her fend for herself because it’ll “teach her” something.

I did this ONCE with my sister in middle school.  Some obnoxious girl tried to charge her up on the bus but I didn’t get involved–I’ve fought with her.  She can handle herself.  And sure enough with that girl tried to slap my sister, sister slapped her back hard enough to knock the girl down.

She could handle it.

Kasey can’t.  She can’t handle anything.  So she joins this new Sunshine Club with Alexis’s old friend, Lydia.  Something is clearly up so Alexis decides to join herself….

Spoiler time….


So surprise, surprise, things DO NOT go well.  Turns out the club is making a deal with some kind of demon to get beauty and poise and all the things you want in life.  Even Alexis’s problems with her boyfriend, Carter seem to go away when she’s a Sunshine girl.

But don’t break the rules or they’ll call you out.  And don’t you dare cry because things will not  end well.

See?  Told ya.

It was interesting to see the possession thing happen this time around from inside the possessed person’s head.  Not to mention in a sort of mass-hysteria group setting.

The problem is, once Alexis gets free, she still has to save her sister, and Lydia isn’t havign any of it.  She LOVES this demon guy and desperately wants him to come save her from her pathetic loser existence.

And another surprise or two later…

Things do not go well for Lydia.  But that leads us into book 3!!!

dead as it getsAs Dead as it Gets

“Find the people who treat you the way you deserve to be treated. Tell everyone else to go to hell and don’t look back.”

Similar to: The Ghost and the Goth by Stacey Kade
and Darker Still by Leanna Renee Hieber

So…Lydia’s dead.  So there’s that.  Plus Alexis’s little last minute deal with Aralt may have ruined photography forever for her.  Because now whenever she looks at a photo, watches a movie, see an ad–she can also see any ghosts that were hanging around at the time.

Fun, right?

Before we get too much farther, here’s the book trailer for this one.  It’s my favorite of the bunch.

So clearly Lydia is thrilled about being dead.  Though she is thrilled about being able to haunt Alexis.  Seriously, their banter back and forth I think is my favorite stuff of the whole series.

(I would quote some of it for you right now, but I lent TheDinoWhisperer my set and I can’t flip through them.  Though she’ll have them back to me in 3 days because she’s a crazy fast reader, so maybe I’ll add something then!)

Anyway, I think it would be great if all 3 of these were turned into a movie, but really the 3rd one would be enough for me.  It’s the best by far.  And mostly because of the Lydia/Alexis relationship.

In this book we have some kind of ghost entity that’s making girls wander away and disappear until they end up dead.  Alexis thinks it’s Lydia.  But she doesn’t talk to anyone about it (seriously one of my biggest pet peeves with characters, though here it makes a little sense.)  Carter’s left her and the new boyfriend knows nothing of her paranormal past (or present).  She doesn’t want to involve Kasey or her friends so they can have a normal life.  She CANNOT call Agent Hasan because what if she ends up in the asylum where they sent Kasey?

So she’s on her own, fighting this ghost thing.  But Lydia’s the only one she can see without a camera. So here is my live-tweeting of this scary freaking book…

twitter1twitter 2twitter 3twitter4twitter5twitter6twitter7twitter8

Good times, right?  Luckily I did NOT get murdered by ghosts in the darkness, but I still feel it was a pretty close call.

Anyway, without spoilering the book, I think this was a nice conclusion to the series.  Next I’m on to the other Katie Alender book I own:


With a title like that, how could this NOT be awesome?!?!?!?!?









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