April Reading Challenge

A Trip Back In Time

Remember when you were a kid?  The crazy rush of excitement, tiptoed anticipation as you waited for that door to the library to finally open and you could descend upon the Scholastic book fair and feast your eyes upon their goodies?

bookEven then, when we only (maybe) had enough money for me to get ONE book, I still loved looking over those glossy covers, fantasizing about which ones I would buy and read.

dummyThen later in middle school, when the fair faded away and was replaced by colorful, newsprint catalogues, every six weeks, and my mom would make me narrow down the 20 or so I’d circled into a financially realistic 1 or 2 that I could buy.


And that surprise day when those books arrived!  Mine came in 1st period so pretty much the rest of the day became a balancing act of paying just enough attention in class while voraciously speed-reading through my new acquisitions.  And then when I’d come home, my books all ready to be stuffed onto the “already read” shelf in my room, and my mom would question, “Why do I even buy you these things if they’re not going to last you more than a day? Maybe we shouldn’t buy these anymore.”


Really, it wasn’t that serious. My wonderful mother always found room in our tiny budget to make sure we had a little extra money to buy books. Little did she know the addiction it would later become.

Anyway, enough reminiscing about my childhood.

Though that is the topic for the day.

Today we reveal the T Rex Reads 2016 book challenge for the month of April and here it is:maniac

Reread one of your favorite books from your childhood.  Now, this could be a Dr. Seuss (If you’ve never read “What Was I Scared Of?”, you should look it up right now). It could be Goosebumps or Babysitters’ Club or The Giver or Captain Underpants.  But find a book that you once read and loved in your childhood and go back and reread it.  Re-experience the thing you loved as an adult.

I dare you.

black stallionWHICH, of course brings us to our giveaway for the month of April. Enter this month’s giveaway and you’ll receive a copy of 2 of the books we here at T Rex Reads decide to read for our part of the challenge.

(WordPress doesn’t let us post the drawing directly on the site, so follow the link to enter for your chance to win!)


Click Here To Enter!!!

Good reading and good luck!

–Bronto Incognito and the team at T Rex Reads


Oh, and heck.  Why don’t I just include a claymation someone did of that Dr. Seuss story for you?


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