Blind Book Challenge Results

If you participated with us in our challenge last month (or even if you didn’t) the goal was to read a book without being able to look at the cover, look it up online, or read the last page.

Here are our results!


thirteenthSo, I happened upon the title of the book in my desperation to get to the first chapter and not see anything else. It’s called “Thirteenth Child” and this is the first time that I’ve seen the author’s name- Patricia C. Wrede. I can’t tell you how much I love this author. Ah-dore her.

So, without seeing the front of the book, you don’t get any sense of when this is supposed to be, or what you’ll be reading about. (I am totally tearing off the cover as soon as I write this… But if it’s not like a Von Trapp family line, I’ll be sorely disappointed)  I highly recommend it sometime. This is a mid-grade book that reminded me a lot of Little House on the Prairie if Ma and Pa Ingalls had magic. You follow the “cursed” thirteenth child through her childhood and even not being a cursed child, I found I could relate to things she was going through. Moving, sniping from aunts and uncles, bullies… Maybe less on the adventure/magic front (but don’t I wish!)… This is definitely a coming of age tale. And it’s a nice slow story, (slow enough that at times, I found myself skipping to the end of the page instead of reading, but due to some fancy work from Bronto Incognito, I managed not to read the last page. Which, I’ll admit… Would have ruined the story. (This time, anyway…) I’ll be highly disappointed if this wasn’t some kind of series. Because it totally could be. You should check it out too!


alchemistStegosaurus Wilde

Well, this one was a DNF (did not finish) for me. Quite frankly, I think I wasn’t the intended audience for this book. First of all, it was written for adults, and despite my 33 years, I’m not much of an adult. Also, with “Alchemist” in the title, you would expect there to be some fantasy. I got excited. Alas… no such luck. This book was entirely too serious for my taste, and it had too many jumps backward in time for this busy, scattered mom to keep track of where I was in the story. I gave up. I think the perfect audience for this book is adult males who like very straightforward writing with just a hint of fantasy, but not too much because that might be weird. If you fit this description, have a blast with this book!

Bronto Incognito

the nest

Since I came up with the challenge (and covered everyone else’s books) this one was a bit harder for me to pull off.  But I decided to download and read The Nest by Kenneth Oppel. TheDinoWhisperer recommended it to me with only this short description:

“It’s weird.  It’s just…it’s weird.”

Well, she wasn’t wrong!  I read this on my phone, so even though I saw the cover, I couldn’t really even see the wasps (though they make an early appearance in the book and appear at the beginning of every chapter anyway.)

This book is hard to describe without giving too much away.  It’s middle grade, but possibly a bit older middle grade?  MAYBE? The best way I can think to describe it is it has the TYPE of weirdness you get in A Wrinkle in Time (which, how often do you find that) mixed with a much more age-appropriate version of Rosemary’s baby.  Very odd and fairly creepy. Definitely recommend.

So have you ever tried reading a book without knowing anything about it?  Have you read any of these?  Leave us your thoughts down below!!

And congrats again to the winner of this month’s drawing, Melinda Najera!


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