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Came across this book tag on The Galaxial World‘s site the other day and it sounded like a fun one to do.  So I’m going to do it! 🙂

Here goes…

  1. Spicy food. Yay or nay?
    YES PLEASE!! Although, let’s qualify that.  MILD spice is about my level.  But I’m OBSESSED with buffalo wing sauce (though I don’t quite put that stuff on everything) and living in Texas there is some AH-MAZING chili and tacos to be had.

    But I was still raised by mild-spice parents and I think that’s the kind of thing that sticks.
  2. What do YA books need more of? (Insert rant)
    NON ROMANTIC STORIES!!!! Like, why can’t a guy and girl just be friends?  Or a girl and a girl or a guy and a guy?  Or heck, why are there not more sibling stories?  Why are SO MANY of the characters in YA only children?  It doesn’t make any sense to me.
    I don’t mind me some good, mush romance, but when it’s the only thing out there and available, it gets a bit tiresome.

  3. You are in the Hunger Games with the three characters you hate the most. What do you do?
    Hmmm…tough question.  Well first let’s start with Umbridge.  No idea why we didn’t kill that hooker off in the first place.  I would kind of like to see her tied to a chair and gagged and have to listen to the Gale/Peeta/Katniss love triangle a while. 

    And then I’d blow her up.
    Then…Vaughn from the Chemical Garden trilogy. DESPISE THAT GUY.  He needs a nice slow death, like getting eaten alive by ants or something.  Something so he can take time to realize that at the end, he still doesn’t win.  And he dies. 
    And I kind of want to take out Four’s mom in Divergent for leaving her son in a physically abusive situation to save herself.
    Yes, I get that she had a hard choice, but really I never felt like it bothered her all that much.  I kind of feel like she should be made to walk Four’s fear landscape.  Realize how much his father terrorized him.  Sit through videos of the beating he had to endure.
    And then I’d blow her up.
  4. Super hot or super cold?
    Super hot.  All the way.  Can’t sleep if it’s too cold, can’t seem to function.  Love the heat of summer (as long as you have some AC to escape into. This is still Texas afterall.)
  5. On a scale of one to ten, how much do you hate people who say: “Bob and me” rather than “Bob and I”
    Um…like 2? MAYBE.  I probably say this a lot, so it doesn’t bother me much.  Though in writing it bothers me like 5 if it’s informal communication and 7 or 8 if it’s say published in a book (and not in dialogue).
  6. How many times in your life have you worn a horse mask (google it)?
    N0.  I now feel deprived.
  7. Name one book that is a strong independent book who ain’t need no man.
    Can I go with School for Good and Evil here?  Don’t know if we’re looking for a school-of-good-and-evilstand-alone or just a book that isn’t ALL about a love story, but I’m going with this one.  Yes, there is a boy in the book and it is somewhat about him, but mostly it’s about the friendship between the two girls and whether or not two very different people can stay friends, even when a boy is trying to get in the way.
  8. Open up 50 Shades of Grey to a random page and post the first thing you see. If you don’t have it, open up the book you’re currently reading (50SOG is funnier though)
    So for obvious reasons I do not have this book, but instead will share a funny story about it’s predecessor, Twilight.

    Someone else had gotten me into Twilight and I really wanted my best friend, N. to read the book.  I’d finally convinced her, and she agreed to borrow my copy.  We’re sitting in the lobby after church and one of the boys asks her to read something from it and what scene does she open to?  If you guessed the, “Do I dazzle you?” scene, give yourself a prize.  Probably the worst possible scene for her to read out loud and the boys are all cringing and N. is complaining, “WHAT ARE YOU MAKING ME READ???” But you know what? In the end she read all the books and watched all the movies and even owns them, too. (Though she does hide the movies in this Jane Austen book box I got her.  Shhhhhh, don’t tell!)
  9. On a scale of one to ten, how likely are you to feed non-Harry Potter fans to hungry pigs? (Hungry pigs will completely digest a human body in about an hour – hair and all and don’t ask me how I know this)
    Like a 5? Had a TimeHop thing the other day that took me back to 2 yrs ago when I made my teen writing group work in pairs.  Walked past one group that seemed to be struggling and girl A complains, “She won’t tell me what she wants to do next in this story!”
    Girl B: “Well she’s never read Harry Potter so I have NO idea how to explain this to her!”

    Which is why, unless I love you greatly, I may have to disown you if you can’t get on board this particular ‘verse.
  10. Explain why Harry Potter didn’t just drink good luck potion and go kill Voldemort?
    Because Harry, obviously, is an idiot.  Why didn’t he use the mirror chunk in book 5 like a smart kid?  Why didn’t Sirius mention it to him while they were conversing through the fire in Umbridge’s office?

    Like, oh, hey, Harry.  Why don’t we just talk over that hunk of mirror I gave you? It’d be a lot simpler than sneaking into cowface’s office.

So this Tag is designed for anyone reading it to be able to answer, so let me know what your answers are!  Also, don’t forget to check out The Galaxial World!  And let me know in the comments if you decide to post your own response to the tag!!


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