SuddenButInevitable’s Top 5 Wants

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by SuddenButInevitable

Everyone’s read a book and thought that something in the book would be SO COOL to have.  Tech that just isn’t out yet. Tech that might in someone’s lifetime actually make it out.  I may in fact list things that are on other’s lists.  And that’s because we all read a lot of the same books.  But I’ll try not to.  Since Bronto Incognito stole my hoverboards from the Uglies series.  Those were just plain cool.

–Side note from Bronto Incognito: No shame
1.  Steles – from Cassandra Clare’s multiple Shadowhunter series

mortal instrumentsIt’s really no surprise, right?  Bronto also stole wands, but there’s really no guarantee she’s a witch and would be able to use it.  It would just be like any other stick that she waves around.


And she’s witchier than I am, and if she’s not a witch, then I definitely am not, but I am a Child of God and I think that makes me at least half angel, so I could totally be Nephilim and able to use a stele.  It’s basically a pen-like device used to draw runes on the skin of a Shadowhunter.  Runes help with memory, or healing, or stealth.  Also, tons of other things I can’t think of right now.  And runes are basically tattoos and I’ve always been fascinated with tattoos.

2. X-Wings – from any Star Wars movie/book ever.

They really are the coolest fighters in the SW universe.  Not the fastest maybe, (that x wingdistinction belongs to the Y-Wings) but the most maneuverable.  They are rugged little fighters and come complete with an R2 unit to work as navigator.  They have shields which make them preferable to almost any of the TIEs on the Empire side.  So yeah.  I’m going with X-Wings instead of lightsabers because again, only Jedi should have lightsabers and what if I had a lightsaber and I wasn’t a Jedi?  I’d probably end up cutting my own arm off.  I’d be that picture of Luke Skywalker looking down the barrel of the lightsaber and then accidentally turning it on.  I can not be trusted with things like that.  But give me a speeding vehicle.  I can work with a speeding vehicle.  Just ask every police officer ever.

Man, this is totally harder than it looks.  I know, I know…. there is just so much out there, but my mind is drawing a blank.  This wouldn’t have been so hard if I hadn’t self-imposed the “I would have to be able to use it” rule… I live to make my own life difficult.  That’s called cutting off your nose to spite your face, kids.  And it’s dumb.

Oh!  I have a fantastic one!

3.  a really intensive Virtual Reality game – Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

ready playerSo!  If you haven’t read this book, I would totally check it out.  And if you don’t want to check it out, then wait around about a year or so as it’s been optioned and is becoming a movie in the near future.  We’re looking at Sword Art Online (which is not a book, but is a great anime, I loved it) levels of virtual reality here.  Almost anything you can do, you can do in game.  And it’s a great escape from the world.  Which is grand because people in the book are literally living in trailers that have been piled on top of one another.  And I know I could use a little more of the fantastical in my life and a little less reality.

4. Artificial Gravity – Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card

So, we kind of get space travel with the X-Wings, and I get that.  But this is so much more.enders game One of the scenes that has always stuck with me about this book are all the training exercises Ender and his team mates are sent on.  They’re in space, but because of the size of the space station they are on and the spinning of said station they are able to simulate gravity (or not) depending on where you are in the space station.  But also the ability to maneuver effectively in this environment.  The descriptions of this are the best ever.

This really is harder than it looks because there’s movies and TV that has all this stuff in it and I really want to reference those, but I’m sticking with book.  like I really want to say a TARDIS, but I can’t justify that… the books just aren’t their own thing like the Star Wars books ended up being… ummmm… ummm….Fine, I’ll break my own rule.

5.  The ability to find gold – Walk on Earth a Stranger by Rae Carson

awalk the earthWouldn’t this be like the best talent ever?  I mean, we aren’t talking cursed gold like Hazel Levesque levels…. but seriously, it would be a handy talent to have.  The ability to sense when gold is near.  Totally handy.  Less handy now that it’s probably illegal to just start digging on someone else’s property….. but you could be your own metal detector!  Imagine going scuba-diving with this skill!  Pirate gold?  absolutely?  Lost city of Atlantis?  Found by seeking out the gold statuary.  It would be grand.

I wonder what everyone else will come up with?  What did I miss that you thought of?
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awalk the earth



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