5 Zombie Series You Should Try


Run for your lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so maybe it’s not all that serious, they are just books after all.  But here’s the thing: I LOVE zombie books!  I don’t know what it is about them (well, I know some things, but this is not quite that post), but if you’re a fan like me, or looking to take a peek into the sub-genre of Young Adult zombie books (and no, I’m still not tired of reading about them), Here’s a list of 5 zombie books/series you should check out and give a try:

1.GENERATION DEAD by Daniel Waters


Books in series: 3.5 (3 novels, 1 collection of short stories)

Gore factor: low

Okay, I will not lie to you: I totally bought this one primarily based on the cover.  No, the girl in this picture is not actually any of the characters in the story, but dang if that is not some beautiful artwork right there.

This book was really my first foray into the world of zombies (at least in book form) and it’s a fantastic gateway drug.  Some teens are rising from the dead and returning as zombies.  Some are worse off than others when they return–some seem almost human.  But this raises all kinds of ethical/legal questions: if your son or daughter dies and returns, are you legally required to continue to care for them?  Or if it freaks you out can you pack up and leave town?

If you kill a zombie teen out mowing his yard, is that murder or mutilation of a corpse?

Of course there’s a love story, but I still like the take on zombies this series has.



Books in series: 3.5 (3 novels, 1 short story collection)

Gore factor: low-medium

If you know me you know I’m a bit obsessive about this series. The sense of isolation and hopelessness Carrie Ryan achieves in this book/series stuck with me for weeks after I’d read it.

Book 1 starts you in a small village following the story of Mary, who’s lost both her parents to the Unconsecrated (zombies) in the last few weeks. And she’s a teen and she’s got a love interest and a best friend and an annoying sibling and all of this is happening in the absolute last town left on earth.

Surrounded by fencing, the village may or may not be the last stronghold left after the zombie apocalypse.  Mary has never known anything other than this village and the Forest of Hands and Teeth outside the fences, but she dreams of the ocean, a vast body of water her mother told her legends about but her friends don’t think exist.

Also the idea of “breakers” in this story is somewhat unique.  You turn zombie without enough other zombies around you and you turn breaker–faster and more deadly than the regular, slow zombies.  So no matter which kind you’re a fan of, you get both!

3. THE ENEMY by Charlie Higson

the enemyBooks in series: 7

Gore factor: medium

So if you like a bit more blood and guts with your zombies, this book has it, but if you’re not that big of a fan (like me) most of it is pretty easy to skip in this series.

Zombie apocalypse: London.  Everyone over the age of 16 has turned.  Some kids are trying to find out why, some build gang-like settlement camps, most are just trying to find somewhere safe to survive.  If you’re looking for a great series to binge-read, this would be one.  Each book tackles a different group of kids, but as you get further into the series you start to see how they’re coming together, each piece of the story an intricate cog in a much larger machine, all leading up until The End.  No, literally.  The last book is called The End.  Which is nice and to the point.

The Collector guy in book 1 (maybe 2?) is super creepy.  Still get chills when I think about him.

That and George.  *shudder*

4. ROT & RUIN by Jonathan Maberry

rot and ruinBooks in series: 5, with a novella/short story for each, and there are graphic novel versions of each of the 5 books as well

Gore factor: low to medium (mostly low)

Jonathan Maberry has some really interesting takes on how a post-zombie-apocalypse world would deal with moving on–from how they handle their dead, to what happens at the bottling plant (which I won’t ruin for you…unless you want to click here to my list of Magical/Tech items I’d want.  Then you can cheat. You sneaky, cheater you.)

Carpet coats–wear them when you have to go out among the zombies to prevent getting bitten.  And what if you have a family member, turned zom, and you’re finally ready to have them put down? You hire someone to go do it. How do you pass along stories from city to city? Zombie cards–like baseball cards but with more legend and blood and less batting averages.

Plus, this book has a nicely diverse cast, which is always refreshing in YA. Definitely recommend.

5. ZOMBIE BLONDE by Brian James


Books in series: 1. This one’s a stand-alone.  But 1 is all it needs.

Gore factor: LOW.

This last one here is more about using zombification as a metaphor for trying to fit in at all costs, even when you lose friends or yourself along the way.

Zombies didn’t always used to be about viruses and infections.  Often the causes were other things that scared us (like radiation).  In this book Hannah is trying to fit into her school, and making some really bad choices about it.  She just wants to be like all the other perfectly identical cheerleaders…who may or may not be still alive.  What’s so wrong with that?

Some of the reviews I’ve read have hated on this book, but if you remember that it’s not the same as say The Enemy, and that it’s more like an old school horror movie, you’ll love the book a lot more.

So what are your favorite zombie novels?  Do you love the genre or hate it? Let meknow in the comments down below!!!

–Bronto Incognitobronto 10

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