Infernal Fangirling

by SuddenButInevitable

Hey folks!  I’ve been absent for a couple of months on the book review side of things, though you may not have noticed.  But!  I have 3 reviews on the way and I just picked up 2 more books from the library that we’ll be able to review on the blog (Don’t worry… I picked up more than just 2 books, but it just so happens that the rest of them are Graphic Novels.   Batman Graphic Novels.  I’m going through a HUUUUUGE Batman kick right now.  My little fandom heart just sings with all the great pictures.  If you haven’t picked up a comic in a while, I highly suggest you do, the art is fabulous…)  Oh, and Lady Midnight… I also picked that book up and haven’t read it because I haven’t finished these reviews…. so that’s 3 books reviews in quick succession.

On with the review!

The Infernal Devices: Clockwork Prince

by Cassandra Clare

princeAge: Young Adult
Series: 2 of 3
Contains: fighting, drug use*, talk of addiction, talk of death, love triangle (which is kind of ‘duh’ most YA have them… but this is extra special, so I’m mentioning it anyway), self-harm (in one scene)

*A note on the drug use – The 90% of the drug use comes in the form of a character being addicted to the drug without his consent and now must take it in order to live longer because not taking the drug will kill him faster.  It’s all very tragic. 9% is werewolves that are taking the drug and end up dying and it’s mostly off screen.  1% is Will being very, very stupid and he get’s a ‘Come to Jesus’ talk with Jem.  Which I will gush about later on.

“You can not save every fallen bird,” said Woosley…”even the handsome ones.”
“One will do,” said Magnus

Similar to: Books that are similar… well… the rest of the Shadowhunters series, obvs.?  I need to read more books.

I have had most of this review written for a good month.  I find it really hard to review books that I love because I really just want to fangirl and talk IN ALL CAPS and hope that it convinces you to read this book!!!!!!


I’m going to try and tone it down a little, but I’ve read this book 3 times now and twice in the past month (don’t judge me, one of those times it was the manga (technically, I think it’s a manhwa…but manga is the known term which is just a fancy and quite popular way of illustrating books these days) and I will read it again in probably a year or so.  So, this is a book that will stay with you.  Or, it did with me.

I’m going to get gushy because I really love this book but I’ll try and tone it down as much as possible.  It’s like I just want to flap my hands and just kind of sob at you and push the book in your direction while I haltingly explain very quickly through tears of happiness why you need to read this book.  That’s what my written review is. I’m going to try and be more low key and professional…. let’s see how that works.


So, this is the second in a 3 book series, and follows the events of Clockwork Angel.  Our main cast:  Tessa, a shapeshifter, parentage: unknown.  Will Herondale, Shadowhunter parentage: surprisingly alive, though not a part of Will’s life.  Jem Carstairs, Shadowhunter and addict parentage: deceased. Jessamine: reluctant Shadowhunter.  Nate: brother to Tessa.  Magister: mysterious evil character tied to Nate.  There are others of course, Charlotte and Henry (who are both dears and are absolutely adorable, and I love there little background love story that they have going on), and Magnus of course because it wouldn’t be Shadowhunters without Magnus in the middle of things.


If you skipped book 1 (shame on you) hopefully that will catch you up somewhat. Quick review of Clockwork Prince so we can get to the fangirl flailing. 

A time limit has been placed on Charlotte to find the Magister and bring him to Shadowhunter justice or she and the Shadowhunters will be turned out from their home.  Meanwhile, Will realizes that he can not actually live without love and starts tracking down (with Magnus’s help) a demon. (I also just realized that my notes say Jace… and not Will… suffice it to say that as I stated in the first review, they are almost interchangeable and it really did almost make me stop reading the first time through) Jem gets backstory! My heart bleeds for Jem.  I’d forgotten how much this book tugs at the heartstrings and just plays with your emotions.  Tessa has developed feelings for both and is very confused.  While all this is going on a spy is discovered in their midst who’s feeding information the Magister.  Tessa’s brother makes disastrous decisions.  And is there a wedding in the air?

**INTERJECTION FROM BRONTO INCOGNITO: The Jace/Will thing is (part of) why I stopped reading after the first 2 books the first time through. (That and the fact that SuddenButInevitable only had the first 2 to loan me and a girl’s got a budget!!)  Have to say, though, in doing my own reread right now, I love Will much better than Jace (more fleshed out) and the story has enough differences to stand on its own.  Liking it much better this time around!

Spoilers while I talk about Jem for the rest of this review!



Ok, so I like really love Jem obviouslyl  There’s something about him trying to live as much of a life as he can while he is dying slowly. Trying to hold out and be the best Parabatai to Will as he possibly can be but still knowing in his heart that the bond they share will be cut short.  He was only supposed to live like 3 years at most with his addiction.  He’s doubled that!  Ugh.  The whole way through the book you’re rooting for them to find a cure and yet you can’t help but feel a little hopeless.


Jem’s addiction is especially touching to me.  He’s come to terms with his short time on this earth and his hastening death.  And yet, he still cares for people.  Worries what his death will do to Will.  The drug that’s slowly killing him instead of the lack of drug quickly killing him is a fantastic plot device and I love its use.  I especially love it when it becomes a major bone of contention between Will and Jem.  If you’ve read the book, I’m talking about the conversation that Jem and Will have after Tessa explained to Will what it looked like when he got melodramatic and blissed out on drugs to Jem who takes those same drugs to survive.  That scene is powerful.  I’ll be honest, I’m a sucker for the melodramatic and Will’s line of “You can’t never forgive me”… nearly broke me into pieces.  This whole scene I was close to tears.

***INTERJECTION: Also one of my favorite scenes.  I wasn’t crying.  I was fist-pumping like, “Yeah!  You tell him Jem!!!!!!!!”

Then Jem’s proposal at the end of the book.  Knowing full well that Tessa should say no and yet, still hoping that she agrees.  Trying to make the best use of the time he has left and knowing each moment is precious.  Then Will declaring his love for Tessa and Tessa broken-hearted because there is no way not to break someone’s heart.
I fully realize that I may love this series because of my faulty view of love.  I’ve never been in any kind of serious relationship (I am painfully shy in real life and with people I don’t know) and so my heart really wants to believe that this perfect all consuming love does actually exist while my brain goes “are you actually insane?”  This is a book and you are human and nothing is going to be perfect.  And yet still I hope for the possibility.  If I haven’t convinced you to read the book by now, I don’t know what else to do.  Up next week: the epic conclusion to The Infernal Devices: Clockwork Princess


Check out my review of the other two books in this series!

angel                                        princess

–SuddenButInevitable        para 8a







4 thoughts on “Infernal Fangirling

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  2. So I know I already interjected my opinions in the middle of your post (sorry not sorry), but again I am enjoying this series SOOOOO much more the second time around. About 2/3 done with bk3 right now.
    First time around Will felt so much like a redo on Jace and his comments to Tessa at the end of bk1 (even though you get reasons in bk2 and already sensed there was something more in bk1) were just inexcusable for me. Way too harsh.
    Though clearly I have gotten over them now 😛


    1. I agree. The first time I read it, I just convinced myself it was the same character which is probably why I doubly hate how they’re treating the parabatai thing in the show with Jace and Alec. Because it’s so well done in this. Omg. Are you finished yet? Seriously. Let me know how you liked the 3rd!


      1. Not yet. Everybody just went through the Portal and then Magnus was hilarious and inappropriate.
        So, you know, just being himself. ..


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