Reading Challenge

So we’re halfway through the month of May and I suddenly realized…I never gave you guys our challenge for the month of May!!!

My bad.  That’s on me….


So!  What I decided to do is give you May’s challenge (obvs) and then also give you the rest of the year.  That way you don’t get lost because I’m forgetful!


The challenge is: read a self-published ebook.  Yes, I know, many of them are terrible, but there are definitely a few good ones out there!  Or maybe you have that friend that keeps casually mentioning that they published something on Amazon.  Well, now’s your time to read it and then, if it’s terrible, pretend like you still haven’t gotten around to it…



Challenge: Binge-read and entire series (must be at least 2 books!!)

I know, I know!  I’m giving you an excuse to get down to reading that chunk of books you’ve been putting off reading (or rereading).  Is there a movie coming out?  Do your friends keep talking about Hunger Games and you STILL haven’t gotten to it?  Is there a set of books you’re just tired of seeing on your shelves?

Well now’s the time to knock them out all at once!  Get cracking!


Challenge: Book based on or turned into a TV show

So when I was a teen (back in the day before YA) I used to read a TON (like an embarrassing amount) of Star Trek novels.  I’ll admit it!  I ain’t got no shame! (Well, maybe a tiny bit…)  But there are TONS of shows based on books or visa versa and if you’ve always been wondering how they all started, what the author’s original intentions were for the characters, or just what other side stories are out there, now’s you’re chance to find out!

If only I could decide which book on my TBR bookcases to read…


Challenge: Read a book with bad reviews

Now, it doesn’t have to be a book with ALL bad reviews, but come on…we’ve all been interested.  It could be that you’ve never read Twilight (were you living under a rock?).  It could be that the author pissed off people by stalking a reviewer (I STILL do not recommend reading her books…).  Or maybe your friend read a book and just went on about how bad it was for so long, you’re kind of curious now as to how it turns out.



Challenge: Read someone else’s favorite book.

So this one is basically the opposite of the last month’s challenge.  A palate cleanser if you will.  I find that reading someone else’s fav book of all time can help you understand that person a little bit better.  Even if you end up hating the book.  So find someone you love, probably someone whose opinion you trust, and find out what they want you to read.



Challenge: Read a book of short stories

I find that these can either be relaxing or challenging.  On the one hand, if you don’t like one story, in a few pages you’ll be on to something new!  On the other hand, there are a lot of convenient places to stop reading and put the book down for a while.  So the challenge is to stop putting it down and finish the book within the month.



Challenge: Book based on a true story

This is your chance to break out of reading fiction (a challenge for people like me), OR, if you just can’t bring yourself to break all the way out of the genre, to take a dip into historical fiction.  But not just a “oh this could have happened in this time period”.  Something that actually happened.  Even if the author gets creative to fill in some parts…



Challenge: It’s the end of the year.  You’re running short on meeting your yearly Goodreads challenge.  What will you do?!?

Finish a book you started but never made it all the way through, of course!  It still counts!  So pick a book, whether it’s one from this year or even one you read in high school, that you never got around to completing.  (And no, you can’t just count a book you’re already reading!  It’s called a CHALLENGE for a reason here, people!!)

Unless something magical happens between now and then, I think I already know which book I’ll be reading…


Seriously, if you thought the second movie was weird, the second half of this book is even weirder…

And there you have it!  Your challenge for 2016!  Hopefully you can read along with us, and maybe expand your TBR genres just a little further.  (And knock some other things off the list!)

Happy reading!


–Bronto Incognito







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