The Infernal Conclusion

The Infernal Devices: Clockwork Princess

by Cassandra Clare

princessAge: Young Adult
Series: 3 of 3
Contains: talk of death, major character death, what I shall call…a bedroom scene, violence, grief, disability, oh, is that your heart?  Let me stomp on it.

“I don’t think you can fight because you’re wearing a wedding dress”, said Jem.  “For what it’s worth, I don’t think Will could fight in the dress either.”
“Perhaps not,” said Will, who had ears like a bats. “But I would make a radiant bride.”


So I pinned that quote a while ago, because I have Book 3 on tape and I wanted to make sure I remembered it, but I’ve just spent 15 minutes on my Pinterest board for book fandom things and I’m just laughing myself silly.  Books and pins.  Here to lighten the mood.


And I have listened to this book three times in the past month (my commute to work is MURDER) and I’ve read the book once (for the life of me, I can’t figure out where my copy of the book got to.  Unless it was on the Nook app that I took off my phone.  The terrible problems of ebooks!)   And it is by far my favorite.  You remember me saying how Clockwork Prince tears at my heartstrings?  This book just dances on my poor heart.  Like it made me tear up I am not ashamed to say.  Great quotes in this book too.  Like how can you not be affected by Magnus’ “You endure what is unbearable and you bear it”.  It is simultaneously heartbreaking and hopeful.  Like others have gone through this exact feeling and come out the other side.  I won’t like it, but I’ll come out on the other side.


I highly suggest this audiobook.  The reader is fantastic.  You get accents and just the way the sentences are said adds so much to how you enjoy a book.  I am however a sucker for a good deep voice and a British accent.  I still think you should check it out.


We add to our cast of characters with this book with the addition of Gabriel and Gideon Lightwood (actually, Gideon joined us in the last book, really, but wasn’t a strong player)  Their father, has turned into a worm.  And the exchange goes something like this:

Gabriel: Father is a worm.

Gideon: What do you mean, Gabriel?  What did father do?

Gabriel: He’s a worm.

Gideon: I know.  He has brought shame on the name of Lightwood.  But we need not be like him.

Gabriel: You’re not listening to me.  He’s a worm.  A bloody great serpent like thing.

Henry: I don’t suppose we could… erm, step on him?


This… this is what happens when a good book has many, many quotes on Pinterest.  I add a lot of quotes into my reviews.  But I was also not able to tab my book as I normally do.


So they all go off to fight and kill the giant worm, formerly known as Mr. Benedict Lightwood.  Who is suffering from Demon Pox. Jem gets sicker, Tessa gets kidnapped by clockwork creatures and Jem it appears has only days to live and is certainly in no health to go after Tessa so he sends Will.  Will who is trying desperately not to be in love with Tessa now that he knows she is promised to Jem.  It’s all very tragic and beautiful.  Backstory on how Jem and Will became Parabatai is given, and it is adorable as it deals with wee!Jem just out of the Shanghai Institute and wee!Will who is a ball of adorable hate.  And they train together because Will is rubbish at throwing knives and wouldn’t you know?  That’s Jem’s specialty. Charlotte, the head of the London Institute meanwhile, is dealing with the men on the Shadowhunter council who don’t like the fact that a woman is running anything at all (silly Victorian men… silly men in general) and so all her pleas of help us! go unanswered by the Clave.  So the London Institute (and Magnus Bane… who I imagine went along because he found out Henry could make him glitter and didn’t want his glitter supplier to die) mounts an ill fated rescue attempt.  And it is epic.


And, ugh.  The Parabatai oath.  It is fabulousness in itself and I keep wondering if there’s a way for me to sneak it into wedding vows or friendship vows or something because it is a beautiful sentiment.  And it basically comes straight out of the Bible.  Ruth and Naomi.  Look it up.  It’s one of my mom’s favorite passages.
If it’s not plain to see, I really very much enjoyed this story.  There was laughter, tears, heartbreak, hope…. all the emotions that wrap up a good story.  Loose ends all tied nicely with a bow.  No, like seriously.  The big fight ends and you have the climax of the book, and then like 3 more chapters.  It’s a little disconcerting, actually.  Or maybe it’s all the fanfiction I’m reading I’m just used to the story ending right after the climax with almost no denouement.

Major spoiler ahead.  Like, please, please don’t read.  It’s like reading the last page of the book, I do it.  I know.  But this is a spoiler that I promise you will want as a surprise.  I know. You want to read.  I want you to read.  Practice some self control and don’t read beyond this point unless you’ve actually read the book.


So, initially, before my second go round, I really thought Clare coped out on the whole love triangle thing because it allowed it to end with everyone happy.  Everyone got what they wanted.  Like, at the reveal of Brother Zachariah my heart leapt with joy.  Absolute joy.  And then heartbreak again.  Because as is explained, it is a lonely road those walked by the Silent Brothers and Jem, he doesn’t need to be left alone.  He needs to be tucked in my pocket and be loved. But, it was a possible outcome.  You knew someone was going to die.  And we’ve already established that Tessa is practically immortal (thanks, Warlock genes!) so legitimately, she could marry Will and then because he is mortal, wait around for whenever Jem comes back.  It’s all very tangled between these three characters.  The tie of Parabatai for Will and Jem makes me cringe with how Jace and Alec handle it.  And when you add Tessa to the mix who loves them both, it’s a very weird relationship that’s not super standard.   And I love it. 


Check out my reviews of the other books in this series if you haven’t already!!!

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–SuddenButInevitable para 8a









2 thoughts on “The Infernal Conclusion

  1. So I finally finished this last week. So good!
    And I’m still glad I waited to go back and reread bks 1 and 2, and that I didn’t read everything as it came out. I don’t think I would have liked it as much. But I think this ending is satisfying as long as you don’t get too stressed out over the love triangle thing. Both boys deserve happiness and they both got it at different times in Tessa’s life. So it works for me.


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