Non-zombie Zombies

review by Bronto Incognito


by Amy Tintera

reboot.jpgAge: Young Adult
Series: 1 of 2
Containts: death and killing, a few sex references and a discussion of sex, mild amt of swearing, non-recreational drug use references*

*All the drug references are memories of addict parents.

“Do that thing where you look blank, like you have no feelings at all.”
“I think that’s just my face.”

Similar to: Mila 2.0 by Debra Driza and Not a Drop to Drink by Mindy McGinnis

Reboot was a book that I’ve been wanting to read for a while.  I picked it up at my very first book festival because Amy Tintera was there moderating a panel.  Really I’d been interested ever since watching this book trailer:

Looks good, right?  So of course I picked it up when I go the chance.  Got it signed, and then….it sat on my bookcase.  Like lots of my books do.  Until I pulled it out of my handy TBR jar to pick something new to read. (I was in the middle of Clockwork Princess and needed something to read in between breaks from that.)

Why oh why didn’t I start reading this thing before?

There are some books, like Clockwork Princess, that want you to read them slowly.  Sure, you could rush through, but the story wants you to take your time because all too soon it will be over, no matter how mammoth it feels in your hands.  Then there are books like Reboot where you say, “I’m just going to read a chapter…” and the story flows so quickly and effortlessly that you find yourself 4 chapters in and you have to force yourself to put the book down.

In Wren 178’s world there’s been a virus that killed a bunch of people.  In the aftermath some people rise from the dead stronger and faster then they were before.  The longer you’re dead the stronger and less human you are.  Wren’s the longest ever at 178 minutes.

The humans fear and hate the Reboots, but they need them to be their police force.  So if your a teen and you reboot they snatch you and force you to work and kill for them. (Adult reboots don’t function well and get put down every time.)  Being over 120, Wren helps to train the newbies and since she gets first pick she always takes the highest numbers.  Her trainees are grateful because hers have the highest survival rate.  Then a measly 22 minute kid with a big dopey grin challenges her and suggests that maybe the reason she’s so successful is that all her trainees are all high numbers.  He asks her to pick him so that he doesn’t die.

His name is Callum and of course she picks him and he’s super adorable even though Wren claims not to notice (she doesn’t have those sort of human emotions).  Starting off she’s just trying to keep the kid alive, but sketchy things are going on with the under 60 Reboots.  Experiments that make them more like zombies than they already are.  She’s never once considered escaping before, but now Callum’s here and he’s all sweet and puppy-like and she kind of wants to save his life and not have to shoot him in the head if he starts trying to eat people.  Or because he just sucks at being a soldier.

I like Wren so much.  She’s tough physically and thinks she is emotionally, but is willing to change when presented with the option.  She’s tough because when someone suggests that maybe she’s successful because she takes the easy way out, she decides to put that theory to the test and take the hardest case she can to prove Callum wrong.  She’s also often unintentionally funny…

“My plan so far was to run like hell, hope not to get shot in the head, and climb an electrified fence.
It was not the best plan.”

I don’t know why but that just makes me laugh.  And Callum is funny and sweet and unshakeable (most of the time) in his optimism and now I have to get my hands on book number 2 so that I can find out if these two kids make it through things okay!!!


Have you read Reboot?  What did you think?  Did you love Callum as much as I did?  Isn’t he totes adorbs????

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–Bronto Incognito

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