Mila 2.0

by Debra Driza

milaAge: Young Adult
Series: 1 of 3
Contains: mild cursing, violence

“The room was a small square of hopelessness.
A flash of red. And then:
I swallowed a horrific giggle. Perfect. And now I knew the exact measurements of hopelessness.”

Similar to: Reboot by Amy Tintera and Skinned by Robin Wasserman

I have mixed feelings on this book.  There were parts where I was racing through, trying to find out what was going to happen next, and then there were parts where I found myself wanting to skim.  Part of the problem may be that I downloaded this as an ebook to my phone, which means a lot of starting and stopping and maybe that’s why I wasn’t able to get as into the flow of this book as I could of been.

That said, let’s delve into this one.  Mila is a 16 yr old girl, living in Montana with her mom, who’s a horse vet/handler at a rich family’s estate.  They’ve just moved there after dad died in a horrible fire that Mila survived.  She’s just starting to make friends when…

You guessed it.  A mysterious, HOT boy arrives and all her friends are interested, but he only likes Mila and THEN she finds out she’s an android and NOT a human and her and her mom are having to leave the country to keep Mila safe from the government because oh yeah, mom is really a scientist that stole her.

So, some problems I had with this book…Mila’s name is actually an acronym.  MILA.  She’s 2.0 because there was another version that came before her.  All that’s fine, except if you’re her “mom” and you’re going to erase her memories of being an android and go on the run to hide out in Montana…don’t you think you might have given her a new name that WASN’T her acronym name???
Also, there’s a scene in an airport where a…fairly stupid last-minute decision ends up with mom and daughter in some really big trouble.  I won’t tell you what it is, but when you get to it you’ll be yelling at them, “What were you thinking????  How could this plan possibly have worked????”

I think another version of a similar scenario might have worked better in my mind.  But oh well.  Moving on…

Things I liked about this book: watching Mila learn how to use her abilities.  Her figuring out how to incapacitate a bad guy is like watching RDJ’s Sherlock.  It’s entertaining.  And the GPS and file search things are just cool.
Boy #2.  Does it count as a love triangle if she only knew the first guy like a week or so and the second guy for less than that?  It has that triangle potential, and I haven’t read books 2 and 3 yet, but I’m telling you right now: I’m rooting for guy #2.  He’s totes adorbs.
adorbzWatching her fight her counterpart, Mila 3.0.  The one without the emotions.  Watching her find bizarre, off-the-wall ways to defeat 3 is like watching Captain Jack Sparrow trying to outwit a Vulcan.  Hilarious.
And the fight scenes.  They’re well-written and engaging.  Which is good since there are several in there.  Lots of fighting, but that’s expected when she’s an android built for military espionage.

Overall this book wasn’t a HUGE hit with me, but it wasn’t a miss either.  There was enough going on that it didn’t feel like a romance disguised as something else, though I will admit to you: half of the reason I want to read the next book is to see where this triangle thing goes…

So have any of you read Mila 2.0?  What did you think?  The third one just released last month (maybe the month before?) and I’m at least going into the second one if not the third.
Though maybe I’ll avoid the ebook this time…

–Bronto Incognito
bronto 10a

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