Totes Adorbs Ghost Love!!!

The Ghost and the Goth Trilogy

by Stacey Kade

review by Bronto Incognito

ghost goth.png

Age: Young Adult
Series: 3 books
Contains: Swearing, kissing, death, and some ogling.

She shrugged and flipped her glossy hair behind her shoulders. “What else do you have to do with your time besides think about stuff like this? It’s not like you’re real heavy into extracurriculars. Besides, you’re all, like, goth and into the dead, right?”
Alona Dare, queen of the insult-compliment. “Wow. Thanks. Anyone ever tell you you’re good with people?”
She frowned. “No.”

Similar to: Generation Dead series by Daniel  Waters (the covers of the first two books even look similar which is what attracted me in the first place) and the As Dead As it Gets series by Katie Alender

Alright, so I read the first book in this series on a whim because it was short and available on ebook from my local library.  Then it was awesome.  And then my library didn’t have the other two in ebook!!!


Then finally at a book sale I found both the second and the third books in the series!!!


So naturally I put my other books aside and started binging through these at A-Kon.  So if you like star-crossed, totally opposite lovers with much feels and sarcasm, sit back and let me run you through this series!

1. The Ghost and the Goth

ghost.jpgThis story is told in alternating perspectives.  Perspective 1: Alona Dare.

Think Regina George.
No, seriously.  She’s the blonde, toned queen of the school who dies when…she gets hit by a bus.  But now her ghost is still hanging around, her friends are moving on without her, and the only one able to even see her is…

Will Killian.  Not a lot of friends, dresses in dark clothes, and keeps his earbuds in all the time.  That’s so he can ignore the ghosts he sees around him because once they know he’s a ghost-talker all bets are off.  Because not only can ghost-talkers see the ghosts, they can give them physicality when they get close enough.  Which means ghosts can damage you when they’re pissed you’re not doing what they want.

Alona takes over Will’s life and hi-jinks ensue.  When she’s mean or catty–which happens a lot (remember Regina George?)–she starts to fade into oblivion.  She needs Will to help her figure out why he’s still here and he needs her to stop attracting other ghosts.

And then, for all the feels in the world, there’s some life-after-death kissing because physicality with proximity.  And it’s got all the feels because how long could they be together?  Eventually she’s got to cross over, right???  ARGH!!!!!  Can’t stand the cuteness!!!!


2. Queen of the Dead

queen“It means that since I’m pretty sure I don’t meet your definition of ‘important,’ and in ‘living,’ it’s none of your d*** business.”  Then I turned and walked through the wall.
If nothing else, you have to love being dead for the dramatic exits.

Book 2= more drama!!!  Will is discovering there are other people like him, but they seem to have different views on how to handle the dead.  And at least some of what they’re saying is starting to make sense to him.

Alona thinks his new philosophy has more to do iwth the new girl than any real change of morals.  And even if the girls does have frizzy hair and bad clothes, Alona knows how to call a girl’s power play when she sees one.  And boy, is she seeing them all over the place!

Alona and Will are fighting–surprise, surprise–but it makes sense.  Their “relationship” isn’t all that solid…kind of like Alona.  And it’s uneven and not going to work forever.  Unlike insta-love stories, this couple isn’t BAM!  Together FOREVER!!!!!  It takes some work.  And Alona, in a fit of selfishness and anger, makes a choice that might just lose her Will forever…

3. Body and Soul


“My shirt is gray,” I pointed out. “You’ve expanded my fashion horizons dramatically. I wear three colours now.”

So Alona’s gotten herself stuck in a body.  And she wants out.  Will wants her out, too, but they’re both a little testy as to the reasons the other has.

But while they’re on a mission to get Alona returned to normal, without hurting other people in the process, something happens.  Misty, Alona’s ex-best-friend who was in the process of stealing Alona’s boyfriend when she died, shows up and claims she’s being haunted…BY ALONA. Which is, of course, impossible.

Now they’re fighting battles on two fronts and can you see that picture on the cover???  Is Alona going to finally cross over because I DO NOT WANT HER TO GO!!!!! She shouldn’t be stuck in another body but…but…the FEEEEEEEELS!!!!!


So this series is full of feels, sarcasm, adorbs, and characters who actually notice things and put context clues together–which is always refreshing.

If you’re looking for a fast, cute read to binge, this one’s for you!!!

Excuse me…I have to go deal with some feelings now….

–Bronto Incognito

bronto 10a

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6 thoughts on “Totes Adorbs Ghost Love!!!

  1. If you’re kissing a ghost is that necrophilia? Thoughts… though this does look like a pretty good book series. I’m totally grabbing it when I have a stack of already reviewed books so I don’t do this whole not reviewing books for 2 months thing….


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