The Atlanteans

The Lost Code(The Atlanteans #1)

by Kevin Emerson

–review by SuddenButInevitable

lost.jpgAge: YA
Series: 1 of 3
Content: non-consenting medical procedures, assisted suicide?*…. but other than that, nothing out of the ordinary for a YA book…. rule breaking, don’t trust the adults, secret keeping, make out sessions..

Similar to: SeaQuest 2032 (tv), Hunger Games
Blurb: Evan’s eyes bugged wide and he pitched forward, his sweat-smelling torso meat crushing down on me.

Well, If that blurb didn’t make you want to read this book, I don’t know what will.  Hello, my lovelies. Let’s talk about Atlantis!

Ok, so, Dystopian future (our favorite future outcome) where the sun is causing radiation burns on anyone who stays outside for long, so EdenCorp built us giant Biodomes.  Inside one of the biodomes, is a summer camp because some like to pretend that nothing is wrong, and kids need a summer vacation.  But heads up, all is not right with the biodomes.  It seems that someone’s been lying about how well they’re holding up and they are beginning to fail.  But let’s not worry about that because our MC, Owen, won entry into the summer camp for a session and had some very… unusual side effects.  He grew gills.


Like I have wanted gills since I watched SeaQuest as a kid.  (Go watch that show, it was amazing) I’ve always loved the water so I to be able to breath underneath water, ah-maze-balls.  So, this sounded like the perfect book for me.  Plus, Atlantis!  How could you go wrong?

Fairly good world-building.  The science is O.o but believable, which is good, because Kevin Emerson at one time taught science to high schoolers. I like it because I don’t know a lot about summer camp, but I’ve watched movies and so it does a decent job of transporting me there with stuff put in that makes you believe it’s the future.  We do have some classic don’t trust the adults! moments.  And some really gross medical procedures… turns out (spoiler!!)  this camp has been experimenting on the kids.
*A note on the assisted suicide, the whole medical procedure/assisted suicide portion took up maybe 2 pages.  The children who were experimented upon, there was no coming back from that and they were written to be in extreme amounts of pain.  Take that as you will, just a note if you are extremely squeamish about such things.

So, let’s talk about Owen.  Initially described as quiet and unassuming and kinda got that geeky/gawky vibe going for him because he feel’s out of place.  And I immediately adore that.  He then proceeds to do everything right from then on.  Never making a mistake in how he handles girls/situations/evil camp directors (the glasses were a dead tip off…. you wear your glasses indoors you, sir, are evil)

Overall, I… didn’t like this book.  I found it predictable, but not fun predictable.  There was an instant love interest, (which was also not fun) that didn’t interest me at all.  It’s a 400+ page book that I had trouble finishing in over 2 weeks when I normally finish something like this in 4 days, max. For all it’s world-building, I couldn’t get into it.  Could be that it was written in first person and I sometimes have a harder time with that.  But I pegged the evil camp director right off and I pegged the another Atlantean almost right after the character was introduced.

Was it just me?  Have you read and enjoyed this book?  Tell me why I’m wrong.  Or tell me the second book is better…
para 8a
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