More Hated Tropes

–By SuddenButInevitable

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Lovelies!  It was so hard to come up with these… I have too much on my mind to be worried about most of these (except the last… multiple long winded conversations with multiple people, it bothers me SO much) fortunately, I read reviews for a book I just finished that pointed out some annoying features and then I read Bronto Incognito‘s and Stegosaurus Wilde‘s and said yes.  I also find that infuriating.  And so, without further adieu:

My 5 Most Hated Tropes

5.  The Secretly Pretty Girl Next Door

Sooo…. this may show up on everybody’s list.  Because it is suuuuuper popular writing tool.  Bronto Incognito explained it really well in her section, but I will add this.  I know why it’s done.  Or at least strongly suspect. Because every girl sees themselves as plain and not pretty and then it’s used as character growth when *lightbulb* she was pretty all along.  awww.  So sweet.  Blah.  I just can’t anymore with this.  It’s tired.  I’m not going to take my glasses off and suddenly be pretty.  It’s like you can’t be not pretty and still be a main character.  Yes, You Can.

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4.  The Token Girl/Power of Three

This is a two-in-one, half of me really hates love triangles (the other half of me is still squeeing with Will/Tessa/Jem).  But I really haven’t read any books where it was I’m going to chose the new bad boy over the kid that I’ve known all my life.  I’m really more upset about it ALWAYS being 2 guys and a girl.  Unless it’s a group of 5.  Then it’s 3 guys and 2 girls.  Like, where are my books like Sailor Moon?  All girls, all the time!  Oh, Babysitter’s Club…. possibly Sweet Valley High (never read SVH, don’t know) but it seems like there isn’t any anymore.  Point them out if you have seen them though.  There’s not any that are the other way around either….. there’s always got to be a token girl in there to either be a love interest or whatever….


3.  The Main Character is Always Right

Ok, so I just noticed it in the book I just finished, but it REALLY bothers me.  And I imagine it happens in more books that I’m just not thinking of at this time.  (hopefully, I won’t start seeing it everywhere) When you introduce the character as kind of a doofus, don’t then make every choice he makes in the story the right one.  If he’s got two choices RUN AWAY!  or go towards the danger and be the hero, let him try and be the hero and get captured and have to be rescued.  Don’t use it as a plot device to find something else nefarious.  He’s a main character.  He can make mistakes.  It’s okay to make mistakes.  Because I have panic attacks at the store sometimes when I don’t know whether to get the 8 oz or the 10 oz thing and always make the wrong decision, so I know in a cake or death situation, I’m going to go, uhh, Death, no wait, I meant to say cake, I want cake, not death, dang it.  *sigh*


2.  Instant Love… like instant coffee but much, much worse.

Truth be told, never had instant coffee, but the thought of having grit in the bottom of my cup just makes me angry.  Instant love also makes me angry.  If ‘love at first sight’ is so freaking rare, WHY IS IT ALWAYS HAPPENING?  Not only is it the first time I saw her, I immediately fell in love with her and her with me.  That’s not love, that’s lust -it’s a different emotion.  Like, sure, it could happen, but not as often as books seem to think it does.  Also, why are we pushing this authors?  Now you’re encouraging us to fall in love with what’s on the outside but constantly preach that “It’s what’s on the inside that counts”  Make up your mind.  These are two polar opposite concepts.

1.  Same Language, Different Universe

Ok, this can be 2 things: an actual different universe or something that is thousands of years from now.  I hate when I’m reading a story set in the future and they are still using the same frelling curse words (see what I did there? See? Watch…).  Like, what the Frak?  It’s absolutely worse when we’re in a different universe entirely and suddenly the same curse words on earth are used in this universe.  Like who’s to say a female dog means the same thing to a new species of people?  Schtaka.  I’m all fired up about curse words but it’s other things as well.  Terms of endearment.  What different things are called.  If you’re in the future, are they still using paper?  Why is your character using paper if all the trees are dead and have been lost to all but those with the longest memory?  What else would you use?   Along the lines of this, is not every alien species is going to have our social norms, guys…. come one.  Be creative.

Today’s curse words were brought you by: Farscape!  BattleStar Galactica! and Defiance! (OMG, I legit had to google SyFy show with milk bathing aliens to remember the name… I knew Divergent wasn’t correct… Good Show.  Ya’ll should watch)



2 thoughts on “More Hated Tropes

  1. Okay, I have never seen these milk-bathing aliens of which you speak (until I had to find that GIF), but now I am intrigued…


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