Lady Infernally Long Read

Lady Midnight

by Cassandra Clare

–review by SuddenButInevitable

lady midnightAge: Young Adult
Series: 1 of ? (It’s Cassandra Clare.  These books will never stop.  Get used to it.)
Contains: Violence, Dark Magic, Talk of Death

Here lies Julian Blackthorn.  Too much coffee not enough pancakes.

Book-a-likes: Cassandra’s The Mortal Instruments series, Graceling by Kristin Cashore
Lovelies!  It’s that time again!  I have read a new book (and I didn’t especially enjoy it).  You guys know my love of The Infernal Devices and the City of series. I know you are seriously tired of me talking about them.  And never fear! Because the next book in this series isn’t set to come out anytime soon.  I picked this book up months ago.  First I didn’t want to read it because I was in the middle of my re read of TID, and when I did finally pick it up, I couldn’t continue reading.  It just…didn’t grab my attention.

It’s one of the thicker books in the series, topping out at 668 pages and it’s taken me months to finish.  I read other books in the middle.  It was a really weird experience for me.  All the rest of the books from Cassie (can I call her Cassie?) I have adored.  This one, missed it’s mark right from the beginning. I’m not sure what it was about Emma that never caught my attention, but even in the City of Heavenly Fire, I just couldn’t find myself caring.  As much as Cassie wanted us to care about Emma’s parents dying,  I didn’t.  Maybe if it had been Robert and Maryse…someone we’ve already seen.  But I can’t relate to this tiny slip of a girl.

One problem (outside of not liking Emma’s character) is the fact that you need to keep up with all of the Blackthorn family.  It’s like 8 people, right off the bat, and surprise!  most of them are underage and so just kind of get lost.  Maybe Dru will have a bigger part, but I kept getting her and Livia mixed up, and Ty and Tavvy. Towards the end of the book, I started to remember which was which but by that time, we’re focused so much on the Mark/Christina/Julian/Emma, that everyone else gets lost.

don't care.gif

On things that I did enjoy: I really enjoyed watching Mark REALLY not remember how to be human and the transition from Wild Hunt to family member was fun. Because Julian just wants him to fall back into it and Mark’s like, snorting pixie sticks sounds like a fabulous idea, my small sibling, let’s see how that works out for us! Oh, you want to brownies with ketchup for dinner?  NO PROBLEM, it will make you happy and I’m not burning down the house, so Julian will be so happy! Only he isn’t, because Julian wanted someone to be the parent instead of him.  And no one can walk into that.

And then Ty, she never says it, but it sounds like Ty’s autistic.  And, please, I swear I don’t mean to be insensitive, I’ve just not spent that much time around autistic people.  He’s clearly got problems with the Shadowhunter lifestyle, but really likes research and seems brilliant in front of a computer so I kind of immediately love him and wish we got more of him.

Look, I was super bored with this book.  And about the time I realized that I would love Mark and Ty and wrote this on a tiny sticky note to remind me, I realized, that I just needed to grab a sheet of paper.  If I was not going to be in the story, I might as well write commentary.  What follows is my notes.  I normally get too immersed in a book to write notes about it.  This is not my normal.

Spoilers about for the last half of the book.  I tried to keep them at a minimum.

  • This group has a car… and it’s weird that these Bad A** Shadowhunters roll around in a Toyota.  I guess it’s not different than taking the subway everywhere….
  • Mark/Kieran – this will end in sadness.  It will end badly
  • I still feel theres’re entirely too many characters to keep track of
  • pg 361 I bet Johnny Rook is the Guardian of the Lottery (after book update…. nooooope, guess again)
  • pg 388 And Jace’s Spaghetti bath isn’t looking so bad now
  • … “but when Nephilim felt like throwing a party about how awesome Nephilim were it was always a feature.” hahahahaha, oh Nephilim, throwing parties for your own sake.
  • that’s… not the way parabatai work…. maybe someone should ask Jem?
  • Emma is like me…. always threatening physical harm for believed slights
  • pg 469 maybe not Johnny Rook.  Maybe Malcolm Fade. Anyhow, there’s something fishy going on with Malcolm.
  • Oh Julian, you best not make promises to those children you can’t keep.
  • How crappy is it that Shadowhunters can still get Cancer?
  • pg 518 Told you this would end badly.  Also, I knew Julian would do what he just did.
  • No, No, I love YOU more. *gag*
  • Parabatai love is still less gross than incest…
  • Christina/Mark/Diego triangle is forced
  • Oh hey look.  Malcolm IS sketchy.
  • Yes… let Mark and Keiran fly to the convergence.  Everyone else… TO THE COROLLA!
  • I want a book about Keiran.
  • pg 584 Yes, he can.  Because you know what else is in that protection circle?  That kid you want to save.
  • Good to know that Jace is still a Drama Queen.
  • Wayland the Smith is an actual Norse thing.  Like, he wasn’t just made up for this story.
  • Climax hit… are we really now going to spend the rest of the book talking about forbidden love?
  • WAIT, WHAT?  It seems the Herondale line won’t end if Jace doesn’t take the name.
  • aaaand the prize for the worst transition ever……
  • The Herondale family tree must be super boring what with everyone naming their kids Jonathan Christopher or some variation thereof
  • Many times I’ve asked the same question, Kit.  Many times.
  • You foolish, selfish girl.  Anyone else but Mark.  You had a perfect beard in Cameron and you chose the kid who’s already borne so much and feels so low and I kind of hate you for it.  No, Cassie, that explanation doesn’t make all that much sense

And there’s a short story at the end called a Long Conversation that’s I dunno… like a piece of the story that was cut because it didn’t quite fit into the narrative and an editor said, cut but Cassie said, nah, bro, I’ll just slip it in at the end.  But it features Alec and Magnus and the main crew so I’ll go with it.

  • *sniffle* Call back to my Infernal Devices Jem and Will.  ADORABLE and I love it.
  • So, no one’s going to ask why there’s a boat load of tulips that Izzy’s allergic to?  I smell plot device.
  • Am I supposed to know this George person?  Because I don’t remember him at all.
  • She’s sitting on a piano.  The ground can’t sweep out from under her.
  • What the actual crap, Clary?  What the heck was that last line?

And last but not least, can we get some more Mark/Keiran back story?  Because that relationship is probably super unhealthy, but still.  I kind of like it.

And last last, I promise… I still don’t know who the characters are on the jacket/poster thing and that annoys me.  Label your characters or make them so that I know who they are.

Am I the only one who didn’t like this book?  Will the next book be better?  We’ll all have to wait and see.
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