Serial Killers Beware!!!

The Naturals

by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

–review by Bronto Incognito

naturalsAge: Young Adult
Series: 1 of 3 (so far.  4th one due out Nov 1st)
Contains: Swearing, death (deals with serial killers and F.B.I. cold cases), murder, lots of blood, attacks from the serial killer’s perspective

Sloane slipped an arm around my waist. “There are fourteen varieties of hugs,” she said. “This is one of them.”

Book-a-likes: I don’t really read that many serial killer related books in YA so…The Girl Who was Supposed to Die by April Henry?…Gallagher Girl series by Ally Carter?

Cassie is a 17 yr old whose mother was murdered five years ago.  Since then she’s been living with her dad’s family, but now she’s been recruited as a profiler into the Naturals program with the FBI–underage kids with a natural talent for catching serial killers in one form or fashion.

Thus enter an eclectic cast of characters…

Michael: Outgoing, flashy, talent for reading emotions, bit of a gambler

Lia: (not her real name) talent for detecting lies, overly-flirtatious, pot-stirrer, Micheal’s ex?

Sloane: Statistician, awkward at normal human interactions, bit of a klepto

Dean: the other profiler, built, quit, Southern (woohoo!), in a house full of reserved people, he’s a closed book locked in a vault and suck to the bottom of the ocean

The chapters in this book alternate between Cassie’s perspective and the serial killer’s–which are narrated in 2nd person.  Cassie’s taught to always refer to the killers as “I” or “you” to connect with them.  So everything from the killer’s perspective is told as, “You take the knife and run it along her jaw…”

So yeah, it’s creepy and not for people that can’t handle the murder and the blood.  It’s a great read with twists and turns in every chapter, but it’s definitely darker than your average YA.

The kids are only supposed to work on cold cases, which goes fine until Cassie discovers the agents’ current case seems to be connected to her mother’s.  And oh yeah, the killer may or may not have decided to start fixating on her.  So there’s that…

Exciting and full of surprises.  Great for teen fans of C.S.I. or NCIS and the like. (Not Criminal Minds.  That show is dark and beyond disturbing and I’m not sure anyone should watch to much of it, but that’s another story….)

Definitely going to continue with this series to see what happens.  I could have done without the love triangle in this (Cassie is a bit wishy-washy for my tastes in that department.  The boys are so different, surely you have to prefer one over the other.)  That said, the triangle wasn’t a main point at all in the book which made things MUCH better.  TheDinoWhisperer is a bit obsessed with this series, so we’ll see how things go!

Since I don’t read a lot in this crime-based genre, what are some other good books like this?  You have some better book-a-likes than I found?  Tell me about it below!!

–Bronto Incognito

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