The Perfectionists Part 2

The Good Girls

by Sara Shepard

review by: Bronto Incognito

good girlsAge: Young Adult
Series: 2 of 2
Contains: murder, physical and mental abuse, bullying, swearing, drinking, drug references, suicide references….basically a BUNCH of stuff some people will find objectionable.

You want to throw your life away for some stupid conversation we had? Like we’re the first people ever who talk about people we want dead.

Book-a-likes: Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen, The Naturals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes


So quick recap of book 1: we have 5 girls, Julie (hoarder-mom), Parker (jailed abusive father), Mac (Juliard-bound cellist), Caitlin (dead brother), Ava (drunk step-mom).  Each had a reason to kill Nolan Hotchkiss, which is why they made a fake plan to do so in their film studies class.  Only someone really did kill him just like they described.  They’re convinced the real killer is a pervy teacher at their school…until someone kills him right at the end of book one.

So now we start off book 2 and Ava’s boyfriend is suddenly arrested for the murder of the teacher (he sent a text threatening the guy’s life if he didn’t stop hitting on Ava) and the girls are off the hook.  Sort of.

Because it turns out they didn’t JUST discuss killing Nolan.  Apparently the convo started with them each listing someone else they would kill.

Julie–Parker’s dad for beating the crap out of her.  He could get shanked in the prison yard.
Parker–Ashley, Julie’s stalker (who outed her mom’s hoarding habits at the end of book 1).  She could trip in the shower while washing her stolen-dye-job hair.
Mac–best-frienemy Claire (who really is a d-bag after book 1).  Hit-and-run.
Ava–her drunk, verbally-abusive step-mom.  She could fall off the balcony in a drunken stupor.
Only Caitlin didn’t have another person to kill off….

Well all that’s fine and good except for when Parker finds out that someone actually HAS offed her dad in the prison yard….  But…that stuff happens all the time, right?  Especially to child abusers?  Right?

The girls don’t know what to think and then Ava’s boyfriend is cleared and they’re suspects again and Julie’s stopped going to school and Parker’s memory gaps are getting worse (but then again so is her drinking) and Mac’s still battling with Claire and Ava’s step-mom is getting worse and Caitlin’s new boyfriend (her ex’s little brother) is honestly being a twit!

And that’s part of my problem with the boys in this book.  Ava’s BF is fine.  Great.  But Caitlin’s boyfriend acts like a giant, selfish twit the whole way through until the end.  It’s like he obsessed over a girl from afar, convincing himself that she was more like him than her BF (who just happened to be his brother).  Now they’re together and he can’t get why she won’t act like the girl of his dreams and keeps acting like her own person…who is eerily similar to the one she was before. With her ex.  Go figure.

And then there’s Blake…sigh.  He’s the boy Mac crushed on, but her best-friend stole (by lying).  But he’s not just some innocent bystander in all this.  When Claire asked him to flirt with Mac to distract her from practicing for Julliard…he did it.  Whether or not he had issue with it, that’s some soap-opera level crap right there.  I personally would have been perfectly happy to see that kid dumped by the wayside.


Anywho….so more stuff starts happening to people on their list and you think you’re getting a handle on who the killer is but THEN!  You realize that you were only HALF right and that the killer is who you thought they were and not at the same time!  And people are disappearing and Julie’s all like…

From now on, we’re going absolutely everywhere together.

And you’re like…


But I can’t explain it to you, you’ll just have to read it and then just when you think it’s all over there’s one more plot twist just for kicks and giggles and it’s awesome.

I honestly did not think I would like this duology as much as I did.  Was not expecting much.  And while there is a lot of material in there that you should be aware of if you’re a parent or teacher, it’s definitely a book that will keep you suspiciously on your toes the whole time.

–Bronto Incognito

bronto 10a

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