Top 5 Friend Groups

by Bronto Incognito

This one took me more time than it should have.  It’s just that while there are tons of books with great friends, how many of them do you actually want to go through their trials with them?  I mean, Top 5 Friend Groups should be people you want to hang out with, right?  So after much debate, here is my list…

5. Shadowhunters from Infernal Devices


I feel like the kids from this group would be more fun to hang out with than the ones from Mortal Instruments.  Is that weird?  I mean, you get some fun Victorian era dresses and Magnus is still going to be there, so why the heck not?







4. Etiquette and Espionage

ettiquetteSpeaking of big, fluffy dresses, in this world you also get to carry a dagger fan that you can cut people with while sneaking around for clues.  You get to attend a school held in a floating dirigible and learn everything from poisons to proper flirtation techniques.  And let’s face it, what teenage girl wouldn’t like a little help in that department?

Plus, you get vamps and werewolves and steam punk all in one story.  And you get to run around with Sophronia and Soap and Dimity and I just love every one of them and think it would be amazing to hang out for even a day!


3. Camp Half-Blood


Talk about your massive cast of characters…  Being a part of the group at Camp Half-Blood gives you all kinds of people to become friends with–from Percy and Annabeth to Clarice or Frank and Hazel or even sad little Nico.  Whatever your personality type, you’re bound to find someone to bond with in this bunch of kids!


2. Alexis and Lydia in As Dead As It Gets

dead as it gets

So these two spend books 1 and 2 being former best friends and not getting along really well.

In book 3 they’re still not getting along, but circumstances have forced them into each other’s lives, for better or worse.  And their love/hate relationship is one I’d just love to be a fly on the wall for at all times.

Apologize? For what?”
“For accusing me of murder,” she said, sitting on my desk, right on top of my camera. “I’m not a murderer.”
“You tried to kill the whole Sunshine Club,” I said. “Or have you forgotten?”

Her jaw dropped. “That doesn’t count! A, I was possessed, and B, it didn’t work.”

1. Dumbledore’s Army


Come on.  No big surprise here.  And besides, why pick just the main trio when you could broaden your scope and hang out with Ginny and Neville and Luna and Fred and George and the Creevey kids and heck, even Cho Chang?  These kids were awesome and brave and rebelled with a purpose.  This wasn’t a silly fight over whether or not leggings count as pants (sorry kids, you’ll never convince me that they do), but a real fight about the right to learn useful information that will help you in the real world.  That’s a fight I think we can all get behind and it would have been an honor and a privilege to hang out with this bunch of kids.

So what are your choices?  What fictional friend group would you love to be a part of?  Let us know down below and next week we’ll share with you another list of our fav friend groups!

–Bronto Incognito

bronto 10a



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