Airhead #3


by Meg Cabot

airhead3Age: Young Adult
Series: 3 of 3Contains: sexual innuendo/references, kidnapping, non-consensual medical procedures.

“Have you tried this shrimp?” he asked.  “It’s freaking amazing.”
“Would you get away from me?” I said irritably.  “I hate you.”
“You’re so moody,” Brandon remarked.  “Just because I kidnapped you and tried to force you to be my girlfriend. I thought you’d be over that by now.”

Book-a-likes: Uglies by Scott Westerfeld,

So last time we left off with Em/Nikki, she and Nikki’s family were all being whisked away to evil Brandon’s lair while leaving poor Christopher in the dust.
Which he didn’t TOTALLY deserve, but yeah, maybe a little.  Because hey, if he was in love with Em before the surgery, he should mention that right about now.  It might calm a paranoid self-conscious nut down a bit!

So now we’re onto finding out what the real Nikki Howard’s big secret is, what Stark Enterprises has been doing that they were willing to kill her over it.  Only problem is, to give up the secret she only wants one thing out of Brandon: her old body back.

No big deal, right?

So now we’re onto conspiracies and Christopher trying to save Em, who won’t go because she’s developed a bit of a Tris Prior complex and wants to save everyone around her, not just herself.

I’ll be honest, Christopher gets on my nerves a bit.  He’s so insistent that he be able to do things his way.  Not that Em is any better the compromising department.  If Christopher doesn’t see things her way and wants to take off and be mad, well clearly that means he hates her and wants her to die and couldn’t care less about what happens.

Except he keeps kissing her?

Em is…a fairly typical teenage girl in my opinion.  Every time her moody boyfriend switches things around, she’s convinced things have gone 180 degrees the other way from what they were a moment ago.  She’s crushed on her best friend for so long that now all she wants is for them to be together and be a happy couple, but hey, all this life stuff keeps getting in the way of the idea she’s got in her head.

Without spoiling the ending the Stark conspiracy is a pretty good one.  You hit there and you’re like, “Of course!  What else would they be doing?”  Even if you don’t guess it ahead of time.

It’s a nice wrap-up for a fun series and of course, just about everyone gets a happily-ever-after, even if it’s not the one they used to picture in their head.


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–Bronto Incognito

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