Fav 5 – Late, but I didn’t cheat!

–by SuddenButInevitable

My Five Favorite Friends groups in descending order, because that’s the way I wrote this and it’s late.

1.  Dumbledore’s Army

dumbledores-armyYou can’t be a part of the main 3, that’d be like being a fourth wheel…. what? wait, that’s a bad analogy.  But still.  Let me bee with Ginny, Neville, and Luna at school.  Still resisting but not camping in the woods. 🙂  And let’s be honest, they were instrumental in that fight with the Death Eaters.  And let’s not talk about the good they did with those Death Eater teachers and Umbridge and keeping the Room of Requirements open for students and resisting at the school.  Best part about Deathly Hollows.  Seriously though, I need a book called Neville Longbottom and the Year Without Harry Potter at Hogwarts.

2.  Camp Half-Blood

camp-half-bloodSo, if I could be a half-blood demi-god kid, that’d be awesome, right?  I never went to summer camp as such, but it’s got to be awesome, right?  I LOVE camping.  But that’s only during the summer, really, the Roman kids have it going on.  They have like an entire civilization just chilling out being demi-gods…. schools, jobs, those Romans, am I right? I really want to be part of the 8 (9? I didn’t get to look it up) on the quest (or maybe if I could just be Nico de’Angelo’s friend?  That boy needs a friend.) Quest though…. I’ll be like the housekeeper on Leo’s flying boat.  All of the adventure almost nobody dying.  That’s a group I want to be a part of.


3.  Nick Gautier’s Demon Generals

chronicles-of-nickOh, Chronicles of Nick… why do you have to be such fun?  OK, so here’s the deal, because I never got around to reviewing the latest book, Nick as always, destined to destroy the world.  Gets to pick the generals of his army and who are they?  Friends from school.  An army being run by really well informed teenagers…. though, I guess most of them do have some kind of battle knowledge.  Still, Army run by kids.  It’s going to be great.  Kids could so run the apocalypse better.  I’ll hang out with the werewolves, and half-humans and dead kids on this squad.

4.  Batkids!

batkids.jpgWho doesn’t want to be a Robin?  Ok, so who doesn’t know what I’m talking about?  Bruce Wayne likes to collect children (it would be crazy if he were poor, but since he’s a billionaire it’s called eccentric instead).  Some people collect stamps, Bruce?  Kids.  Then he trains them to be vigilantes.  (Ok, technically, Tim Drake came to Batman and said “I’mma be your Robin, cuz you need one” and then got adopted.  Also Damian is the blood son, but it still counts as collecting…)  Anyhow, I want to be in this group because I want to fight for truth, justice and the American way (beating up criminals in the dead of night with a mask on my face, that’s American, right?) and Hey! Billionaire Bruce Wayne is my new dad!


And last but not least (and who’s honestly surprised?)


shadowhuntersLook how far down the list it is?  And I haven’t even cheated!  Go me!  Follow those rules!  Like all the kids on this list (read: NONE OF THEM).  Like even if I could still just be in training in Idris. Okay, fine, you win.  I really want to be a part of that whole Jace/Alec/Izzy thing the New York Institute’s got going on.  I could be the Neville Longbottom of the group…. the one that’s no good at anything and then at the end pick’s up a sword and totally saves the day.  Also, I just kind of want to stand along the wall at one of Magnus’ parties.  Ummm… Please?



para 8a

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