Abstaining from the Scary

The Anti-Scary Book Top 5 Wednesday….

–by Stegosaurus Wilde

Okay, so I don’t *do* scary stories. I have an anxiety disorder, so scary and I don’t get along. I’ve made exceptions before, like with the Hannibal Lecter movies.

fava beans.gif
Disasters. All of them.
Not the movies. They’re fabulous movies. But I spent the next ten to fourteen days being scared out of my wits for no good reason.
scared jello.gif
Wind blows a dry leaf into the bedroom window, making an eerie tap? Jump a mile in the air and make my husband peer out the window to make sure no one was lurking there.
Neighbor we don’t know that well makes an odd comment? He’s probably a serial killer. I should end all communication, sidle inside, and proceed to never leave the house again.
And forget about sleeping! I get horrible dark circles under my eyes when I’m tired. My husband tells me, “You look like a raccoon. You need sleep.” After watching those movies, I would turn to him, eyes bloodshot and feeling like sandpaper, and I’d say, “I can’t.” Eventually I’d drop off only to wake suddenly too few hours later, heart pounding,  listening to some creepy-but-harmless sound that surely meant my brutal demise was imminent.
So enjoy your frightening tales of murder and mayhem. I’ll stick with unicorns and rainbows, thank you very much.
–Stegosaurus Wilde
stego 3a
If you DO like scary stories, check out Bronto Incognito’s Top 5 from last week!

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