Daughter of Smoke and Bone

Daughter of Smoke and Bone

by Laini Taylor

review by SuddenButInevitable

daughter-of-smoke-and-boneAge: Young Adult
Series: 1 of 3
Contains: magic, war, minor torture

Karou wished she could be the kind of girl who was complete unto herself, comfortable in solitude, serene.  But she wasn’t.  She was lonely, and she feared the missingness within her as if it might expand and… cancel her.
Book-a-likes: Howl’s Moving Castle by Dianne Wynne Jones, Saga (graphic novel) by Brian K Vaughan
My lovelies!  I have another book review for you. And it’s a fantastic book, I know we’ve had our run in with bad books lately, but then there are jewels like this one.
book treasure ooh.gif

In fact, there are some other quotes I thought about using:

Once upon a time, an angel and a devil fell in love. It did not end well.

Have you ever asked yourself if monsters make war, or does war make monsters?
But man, that first one SCREAMS at me.  I don’t know about you all, but sometimes I find a missingness in myself and wonder if that missinginess is my whole being.  So that really resonated with me and I picked out that quote the moment I read the line.
I really enjoyed this book, actually.  Good world-building, believable fantastic characters.  It started off kind of slow, but as it deals with an artist going to art school, I found it FASCINATING. (Also? The MC’s problems with life painting are my problems with life painting… and mainly its that the model is not at all the physical perfection Adonis that I would prefer to look at/paint)

We follow the mysterious Karou around Prague as she goes to school and does mundane things like brushing off her ex-boyfriend and trying on the creepifying WWI gas masks at her favorite restaurant (what sane restaurant has gas masks I ask?) and the less mundane things like collecting teeth for her caretaker, Brimstone, who sends her through the shop door portals to different parts of the world.  Did I mention that Brimstone and the others in the shop are chimeras?  No?  Yeah, they totally are.  Which is so cool and the author describes nicely.  Some of the drawings that Karou does are actually drawings of the chimera which is also a fascinating tool to convey the information.   Brimstone is kind of an alchemist, he makes wish… well, for lack of a better word, we’ll call them wish tokens, and certain tokens are for small wishes like understanding/speaking a new language, and others are for bigger wishes like being able to fly.  He is a great character.  Mysterious and wonderful.


You can tell this is part of a larger series as it takes a while for the action to get going.  Our main antagonist(?) isn’t even introduced until like halfway through the book, and of course our antagonist is an angel.  (Sadly, not of the trench coat wearing variety…) The angels and chimera are not of this world, the chimeras are using it as a hideout, probably?  And definitely a place to harvest these teeth… there’s totally some really messed up things happening with the teeth, but I’ll leave it mysterious for you to find out.  It’s a rather big plot point.

There are some absolutely fabulous twists and turns that I seriously want to spoil for you, but I won’t because I really hope you’ll give this book a read.  Karou is a strong character.  She goes through great lengths to find out the truth of her and the other world.  Again, it’s all tied up in twists and turns and not everyone is what they first seem.  I can’t wait until I read the next book and find out what happens and *gasp* who’s still dead.  Because that cliffhanger?  NOT OKAY. (and I’m holding out hope.)


Go forth and read.  Escape reality!


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