My Top…2 Love Triangles

–by Stegosaurus Wilde

stego 3

barnacles.jpgOkay, I think I’ve covered the fact that I’m not romantic before. You see that barnacle? No, not that one. Left a little. Yeah, that one! That’s me. (Kudos to Jenn Sereno for the great barnacle photo.)

Anyway, I don’t really DO love triangles. They’re sappy and unrealistic most of the time. “I know this guy is totally my best friend and he’s been in love with me forever, but this new guy is sooo dreamy, and he treats me like crap! I’m totally in love with him!”

Yeah… no.

But I do have a paltry two love triangles that make sense to me. First is

Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

hunger games.jpgI’m down with Katniss’ reasons to have feelings for both guys, and ultimately, she makes the decision that makes sense for her life (and sanity).







An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir

emberThe other is from a recent read, An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir. Laia has two boys who vie for her attention, the dark and brooding Elias, and the fiery Keenan. In this case, though, the love triangle makes sense because Laia has already begun to see herself as a slave, though she’s only been one for a few weeks. She doesn’t seriously believe that either boy has real feelings for her, so she allows both to go forward.

I won’t spoil the second book for you by telling you what happens next. You’ll have to read it for yourself. And please do. They’re amazing!

So there you go. Only two for me. Do you have more? Let me know what your favorite love triangles are!

–Stegosaurus Wilde


Also, don’t forget to check out Bronto Incognito’s list!



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