Top 3 Sweet Reads

–by Tritops and Trilogies

Bet you almost forgot she was a part of our group, didn’t you? Maybe you thought she got lost in a snowdrift in Utah.  Maybe she’s just forgotten all about us lonely peeps back here in Tejas…

NOPE!  Just been busy with life!  You know how it goes.

But she did get together a Top 3 list of books she read this year that are so sweet and adorable they might just leave you with a toothache.  So here we go…

1. Distant Waves by Suzanne Weyn

distant-wavesFirst is…. Distant waves! You know that book challenge you gave me before I left A YEAR AGO. Here’s that review.
So I went into this book not knowing anything about it other than it’s a book. My good friend knows I love cheating and reading ahead so she kindly taped the front and back and last page for me with a nice note: “NO CHEATING!!!” The author is pretty poetic weaving history with fiction. It’s a twist on the story of the Titanic. Now you may wonder how it’s sweet if it’s about a sinking ship but trust me. It doesn’t end with Rose on the door and Jack frozen in the water. I did not see the end coming, but I love the story and how the author explores spiritualism and science. The narrator herself doesn’t know what to make of her spirit medium mother and tells the story with facts. She ultimately leaves it up to the reader to decide what to believe in this spiritualistic world.

2. Always Will by Melanie Jacobson

always-willThis is probably my favorite sweet read all year. It’s a little-sister-in-love-with-big-brother’s-best-friend kind of story. I thought it would be cheddar cheesy at first, but it got me. Will signs up for online dating and so does Hannah trying to make him see that she’s quite the catch too. It’s a fairly predictable story but… “I’d mastered the fine art of applying a dozen products while looking as if I’d put on nothing more than a pretty lip gloss. […] I was ready for my close-up. I walked back out to the living room. [Will] glanced up and froze, his arm extended with the remote at the end dangling as if his grip had gone as slack as his jaw had.” LOTS of cutesy clean moments that left me reading the book within 24 hours, staying up until 4:30am, then waking up at 6am to get ready for work. I liked it THAT MUCH.

3. Spirit and Dust by Rosemary Clement-Moore

spirit-and-dustSo I love this author. Her novels keep me up late reading (bad and wonderful habit) until the wee hours. This one is about a punk gothic chick in her school-girl mini skirt who solves crimes for the FBI by talking to spirits. Sassy. Classy. She looks for the good in spirits and helps them cross-over. It doesn’t talk about spirits in a controversial way. There are a few curse words and innuendos. Her FBI partner is an attractive young cop that she shouldn’t have feelings for, but she’s kidnapped by an also-attractive mobster’s son. There is no love triangle, just some good old-fashioned flirting, stolen kisses, and crime-solving. The chemistry is thick as oil and there might be ancient mummies and lions that come back to life. What’s better than that?


So what were your favorite sweet reads this year?  Let us know in the comments down below!!!


–Tritops and Trilogies

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