TBR 2017

–by SuddenButInevitable

Can you believe we’ve been doing this blog for a little over a year now?  Man, time flies.

In descending order:

Honorable Mention: Rhapsodic (Barginer Book #1) by Laura Thalassa

rhapsodicA friend (also interestingly named Laura) recommended this book to me.  I know nothing about it, but it does appear to have the same, weird beads for magical wishes thing going on that Daughter of Smoke and Bone had.  Slightly different twist, but that’s a weird thing to have in common, right?  This book has been out since 2014, I just haven’t read it and look forward to reading it this year. Bonus: The second book in the series is out sometime this year.





5. Seven Stones to Stand or Fall – Diana Gabaldon (6/27/2017)

seven-stones-to-stand-or-fallLook, y’all don’t really know my love for Diana Gabaldon mostly because I try not to bring her books into conversations here as they aren’t YA.  But I love this series.  You can tell the massive amounts of research that has been done.  The only reason this isn’t higher is because this is a collection of short stories and not, as I had originally hoped, the next installment of the Claire and Jamie saga.  If you are looking for War and Peace page counts, this is the series for you.  And I’m still looking forward to this, so there ya go.





4.  Lord of Shadows (Book 2 of The Dark Artifices) – Cassandra Clare (5/23/17)

lord-of-shadowsI know I pretty much hated Lady Midnight (book 1), but I will go down with this ship.  Even if it’s only Magnus and Alec and the baby they adopt.  Oh.  And Julian… I’ll follow Julian and that little elvish prince of his.  *grins*  I want to see what happens there.  But its low on this list because I hated the first book.  Hate’s a strong word.  I disliked the book.  It just wasn’t my jam.  Hopefully, the next book will be. Nevertheless, I’m still totally looking forward to this installment.

3. Intensity (Chronicles of Nick book ) – Sherrilyn Kenyon (9/5/17)

intensityOh, yet another of the books on my list that I didn’t super enjoy but will go down with this ship.  I have been around for 8 years of Nick.  That seems ridiculous to me.  And I’ve read them all and at this point, y’all should know that I’m sort of a completionist with my series… it takes a lot to make me mad enough to give up, especially when I’ve invested so much time and feelings into these characters.  Still, I like the story well enough that I’m interested in what Nick Gautier is doing with his life and how he ends up where he’s supposed to end up and how that train wreck is going to go.  Time lines?  What time lines?  And let’s not even talk about paradoxes.  Because, wow.  So many.  I mean, it’s a generally accepted rule that you don’t want to meet yourself, right?  Yeah.  Rules apply to everyone but Ambrose.  Still. What happens next??

2.  Everwar (Cal Leandros #11) – Rob Thurman (?????????????)

question-markOh, Caliban Leandros, I love you enough to put you on this list and hope desperately that we will get a release date for this book.  It seems you will also be dealing with time traveling paradoxes.  But I don’t even care, because it might not come out at all.  Mention of this book is nowhere except Goodreads.  And Goodreads gives a publication date of 12/6/16… It did not come out that day.  It appears that the publisher isn’t going to publish this book?  Or this was the last book in the contract for that publisher before she moved to a different one.  I feel like this is the last book in LJ Smith’s Night World series…. please don’t do that to me again world. There isn’t even a cover…. *cries*

1.  Like A River Glorious (The Gold Seer Trilogy book 2) – Rae Carson (9/27/16)

gloriousSeriously not sure how I missed this one last year.  I freaking love this author and this is a great new series focusing on the ‘Old West’ and gold mining and I’ve always loved this era so it’s an extra special treat for me.  So I’m putting it on my to be read in 2017 and it’s the first book because it’s lovely and I can’t wait.

So, my lovelies, what are you looking forward to?  Seriously, I thought this list would be a lot harder, but these are some of my favorite authors so I’m super excited that I get to read more of them.  Run along now and leave me be, I’m going to console myself with reading Nightlife…. Cal Leandro’s first book.
para 8a
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