Top 5 Adaptations

Top 5 Book to Film Adaptations

–by Stegosaurus Wilde

5) Tuck Everlasting

This is one of my favorite books. Short and sweet, it highlights how different personalities would deal with the realities of living forever. While the movie isn’t spectacular, it is respectful of the original work, and it retains the original poignancy  of the story.


4) Harry Potter

While I wouldn’t necessarily say that all the movies are fabulous, they did a great job handling the intricacies of such a big story. And it was so great to watch the actors grow up on screen. This series—both books and films—will always be beloved in our house.


3) Lord of the Rings

These movies were exceptional. And quite frankly, I enjoyed them more than the books. Except for the numerous interminable slow motion anguished faces of Elijah Wood. Dear Peter Jackson, we get that Frodo is tortured by his journey. We really, really get it. Thanks. Sincerely, everyone.


2) Princess Bride

Do I really need to go into the fabulousness of this movie? I don’t think I do. Wait, you haven’t seen it? Inconceivable!


1) Stardust

The book is good, but the movie is better. No, really! It is, in fact, tied with Close Encounters of the Third Kind for my absolute favorite movie ever. It’s full of humor, imaginative settings, and memorable characters, both good and evil. Do yourself a favor and watch it.

–Stegosaurus Wilde

stego 3a

So what are your favorite book-to-movie adaptations?  Are there any you would consider better than the original?  Let us know down below!

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One thought on “Top 5 Adaptations

  1. I remember reading Tuck Everlasting in elementary school and absolutely loving it! Also, Stardust really is one of the best movies ever and I agree, one of the few times when the movie is actually a bit better than the book!


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