Stego’s Top 5 Fictitious Critters

Top 5 Fictional Creatures

–by Stegosaurus Wilde

5) Rufus the Griffin (Tuesdays at the Castle series)

wednesdays in the tower.jpg

Rufus is big and galumphing, but he’s also adorable, loyal, fierce, and a bit clumsy. I don’t want to say too much and give away the story, but this is probably my kids’ favorite series to listen to in the car. The narrator is great, and the story is heartfelt, funny, and just plain wonderful.







4) Mercy Watson

mercy watson.jpg

Mercy’s human owners call her a “porcine wonder.” Not very many people agree with them, but almost everyone (except the crabby neighbor) loves Mercy. She tends to save the day unintentionally just by behaving like a pig would behave. These are early chapter book/read aloud stories, and the illustrations add even more fun and whimsy to the story.




3) Havoc, the Chaos-Ridden Wolf Pup

1copper gauntlet

Havoc is like a big, fluffy puppy. He mostly acts like a normal dog, except when he’s following orders like the chaos-ridden minions of the Enemy. Freaky. But aside from his doggy antics, he provides subtle tension by continually reminding the main character and the reader that the good guys don’t always know everything.






2) Hedwig

hp harry potter hedwig.jpg

Because… because… because it’s Hedwig, that’s why.

 1) Bumbersnoot the Steampunk “Dog”


Bumbersnoot is kind of a creature, but kind of not. He’s made of clockwork and is steam-powered. He does things like eat important objects so that he can keep them safe and poop them out for Sophronia when she needs them. He’s cute and hilarious and so inventive! I wish I could have a Bumbersnoot. That would be the coolest non-pet ever.






So what/who are some of your favorite fictitious critters?  Let us know in the comments below!!

–Stegosaurus Wilde

stego 3a

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