Darkness Inside

Killer Instinct

S.E. Green

–review by Bronto Incognito

killer extinct

Age: Young Adult
Series: 1 of 2
Contains: where to start?  Murder, rape, sex, other sexual acts, nudity, violence, cursing, kissing of age-inappropriate crushes…

I study serial killers.  They’re loners.  Obsessive-compulsives.  People who lack emotion and fantasize about violence.  Intelligent people who on the outside seem normal.
Interesting thing is, I fit that profile.

Book-a-likes: The Naturals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Rotters by Daniel Kraus


So…let’s just say I have mixed feelings on this book…

On the one hand (get it?  hand?  like on the cover?  get it?) I enjoyed most of this read.  It kept me engaged, it was relatively short, and I wanted to get to the twist ending the setup promised and figure out who the mysterious serial killer was.

On the other hand…I almost stopped reading within the first 50 pages.  The reason?  The amount/type of sex/violence in this story.

Let me explain:

Lane is NOT your typical teenager.  Both her mom and her stepdad (who raised her) work for the FBI.  She’s got a younger half-sister (whom she freely calls a “slut”) and a half-brother who’s in elementary school.  Could be considered more or less normal except that Lane has these urges.  Urges and obsessions that she knows possibly put her on a future track to becoming a serial killer.  So what does she decide to do about it?

She decides to start using her obsession to exact vengeance on those she feels deserve it.  (Never watched the show, but yes, it sounds a lot like the premise to Dexter.)  Her first victim?  A serial rapist that she attacks in the midst of him prepping to rape his latest victim.

Which…is not my favorite thing to read about…especially in YA, and especially when I wasn’t quite prepared for it.  Lane, for the most part, handles things just fine.  We’re thinking here of someone with the emotional range/attachments of Temperance Brennan.

bones brennan emotions emotional caring care.gif

While she’s busy seeking vengeance on evildoers, she’s also catching the eye of the new boy at school, who happens to be the younger brother of the vet she works for.  The hot adult vet she has a crush on.  So while she does sort-of start seeing the younger brother, half the time she’s fantasizing about his older brother.

inappropriate anya buffy.gif

Meanwhile the infamous serial killer, the Decapitator, has made his annual kill, but this time it’s right in Lane’s backyard, leaving body parts all over town.  Her mom is all over the case and now so is Lane.  Then the Decapitator starts contacting Lane directly and leaving her “presents” of the remaining body parts.  Of course, he’s also threatened her that if she tells anyone he’s going to make her or her family pay for it.

This book felt a lot like The Naturals by Jennifer Lynne Barnes, which is not a bad thing.  However with the amount of sex in this book it’s just not my cup of tea.  Especially for a YA book.

Now, I don’t want to give the impression that there’s just sex everywhere all over the place, but it made me uncomfortable enough to decide not to read through to the second book. (Though honestly that also has to do with the lightning-fast wrap-up at the end of the story.  I think I might still have whiplash!)

So in the end would I recommend this book?  As long as you know what you’re going in for and you’re okay with it.  Like I said from the beginning, I enjoyed most of the read.  It just went beyond what I choose to handle in certain areas.

–Bronto Incognito

bronto 10a

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