Adorable Little Scare

Little Boo

by Stephen Wunderli

illustrated by Tim Zeltner

–review by Bronto Incognito

little boo.jpg
Age: Children’s
Teaches: plant growth, patience about growing up

“Boo,” the seed said to a leaf rolling by.
“You’re not scary at all,” the leaf said.

Book-a-likes: Goodnight Goon by Michael Rex,



This is a cute little book about a seed that wants to be scary.  But he can’t.  Because seeds just aren’t scary.  But his friend the wind keeps trying to teach him patience.

So he becomes a plant and gets bigger and bigger until he starts to grow into a pumpkin, with his friend the wind sticking by his side all the while.  But STILL no one is scared of him.  Not even the hands that pick him and bring him into the house.

FINALLY Little Boo gets carved into a Jack-o-lantern and gets to scare everyone!  It’s an adorable little story about growing up and having patience about doing things in their proper time.  Plus it’s a great Halloween book which is my favorite holiday so that’s a bonus right there!  Baby loves when I add sound effects for the wind and blow on her face.  When I first started reading it to her that was the only way to keep her from getting impatient with the amount of words on the page, so it might be better for kids older than a year.

–Bronto Incognito

bronto 10a


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