Some Doggy Fun: 5 Dog Books for Toddlers

My daughter is obsessed with dogs.  Absolutely loves them.  There’s no way I could do posts about every single doggy book we read around here, but here’s a short list of 5 that we’ve been into lately…

1. Please Take Me for a Walk

by Susan Gal

please take me for a walk

A simple book about a dog finding every reason he can to bed for you to take him on a walk.  What’s great for us is that there are multiple dogs on almost every page so the 18-month-old can keep finding new dogs every time we look at it.

*Note: if you do have a dog and you haven’t walked them, this’ll probably make you feel guilty about it!



2. Out!

by Arree Chung


Super simple reading if you have one that’s already started.  Literally the title is one of the only words in there. It’s about a baby wanting out of his playpen, getting out, causing some mischief, and hanging out with his best friend JoJo.  Great one if your kid will let you explain pictures but doesn’t like sitting through a lot of words on a page.


3. The Babies and Doggies Book

by John & Molly

the babies and doggies book

Another super basic one, but this one’s a board book.  Pics of babies and doggies doing things like eating, sitting, smiling.  But AB can say “baby” and “doggy” so she loves this one.  Plus, like most kids, she loves pictures of other babies to look at.  So win-win on this one.




4. Daddies are Awesome

by Meredith Costain

illustrated by Polona Lovsin

daddies are awesome

Another one that hits dual markers: daddies and doggies.  Each page is a different reason why daddies are great and a different breed of dog to illustrate each one.  Which is nice if you feel a little tired of seeing Golden Retrievers every time you turn on a commercial. (Show the other mutts some love, too!)
Baby AB actually reverted to chewing on this one (even though it was a library book!!) and every time we’d read it she’d point to the chewed up section and yell, “NO!”
So hopefully she learned something at least.


5. Puppy is Lost

by Harriet Ziefert

illustrated by Noah Woods

puppy is lost

A little boy lost his dear puppy and has to go to find her.  Meanwhile Puppy looks for her owner, Max.  AB seemed to like that the drawings were more basic than a lot of books.  She liked finding the cars and airplanes in the city scenes and loved the simplistic drawings Max did on the Lost Dog posters.  Lots of things to point at and describe to your little one!




So those are just a few of the dog books we have gone through here.  I’m sure there will be more.  Do you have some favorite doggy books that your kids love to read?  I’d love suggestions on more things to look for, so leave them in the comments down below!!

–Bronto Incognito

bronto 10a

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